Thursday, September 22, 2005

Embellishments Organized! Tuna Packets!

Well, I had a nice day today. The highlight of my day was my lunch. I recently bought Tuna Creations by Star Kist, packets of pre-drained, pre-seasoned tuna. I love tuna. Today I had the Lemon Pepper and tomorrow I will eat Garlic Herb. YUM! I just keep them in my fridge at work, so they are cold. Then I tear off the top and mix it with mayo (I Have a squeeze jar at work, and we also have those mayo packets in the cafe) and make me some Tuna salad. 1 packet makes a hearty round sandwich, I usually have mine on hawaiian sandwich rolls with colby jack deli cheese. It was FABULOUS. I need to go buy more, and some for home, that's how good it was.

Last night the Close to My Heart Show arrived at my door for the 10-15 club that we have going. I was super lucky to be the first ever hostess. I got $40 in free merchandise, so I picked out three marker sets... Harvest, Spring Harmong, and The Basic Colors. Awesome. Plus I had ordered a My Accents Organizer and enough craft jars to fill it. So last night my mom and I took all of my eyelets, brads, clips, buttons, flowers, etc and put them into craft jars. We labeled the colors on the stampin up and close to my heart eyelets, put labels from my label maker right on the lids. It is so cool. I love it, and it is perfect with the My Acrylix block organizer that I already use all the time. And even better they will fit nicely down inside the rolling crate I have so that when I travel I am all packed up!

So tonight I hope to test out my markers. They are so pretty. I am still waiting for my ribbon organizer and craft organizers I bought from - I mailed a check like September 10th and They haven't even received it yet. Argh. I should have used a credit card but the bank had mine as they were changing my name on it, and it wasn't working until they got the name changed and got it all reissued.

We went to sleep at 3:30 am and I got up at 7am. Icky. Then I was ready for work by 8, but I had a headache, and didn't have to be at work till 9:30, so I laid around for a while on my bed until Jimmy came in with the air compressor and the nail gun... then I went and took some aspirin, took the dogs out for the morning, and Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, It's off to work I go.

Husband has been a very good man this week... and He has been duly rewarded. I was mildly upset yesterday. He was going to shovel corn and beans out of the grain bins. We have been through this before, so the night before I made a comment that he would not be wearing his good tennis shoes.... and he said "Of course not, I will wear my work boots" and when he arrived home the following day, his good tennis shoes, $50 sketchers that were once white/grey/and black, were now stinking like corn and covered in dust. Ick. He said "I forgot which shoes when I left I was in a hurry" and I was like ARGH!!!!!!! Angry. Angry Angry. Shoes, especially sketchers, do not grow on trees, and neither does the money that it takes to buy them. Men.

OHHH! I just checked my email and my craft locker order has shipped! My check must have arrived! It looks like it will be here soon! I can't wait. Now if I just purchase my wall mounted ink storage shelves, I can put all those goodies on the walls and be ready to work up a storm! How exciting!
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