Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Good Luck With Rita, Ebay, and Other junk

Today at work we had a power outage. That was exciting, especially when you are in the IT department. But I can't blog more on that or I may be a victim of "Blogger filed for discussing company business" so I will steer clear of that discussion entirely.

Over all it has been a good day, although there are still a few hours left before I call it time to sleep.... so there is still time for it to get all fucked up I guess.

I did receive my Creative Memories Order, I bought some refill pages for my 7x7 album, and some protectors for the pages, and some other little goodies- but BEST OF ALL was the power sort box. It is SOOOO Fabulous, I can't wait to get started. I also bought some extra divider tabs for it, And I can't wait to get home to my stack of pictures that is filling up a whole container, and sort them by occasion and pages. Then when I sit down to scrapbook, hopefully I can look at things one page at a time instead of being overwhelmed by what I have to get done. Hopefully.

For some reason eBay was freaky today. When I logged into my ebay, I got lots of errors that "not all of my information was available at this time" and couldn't see items I was bidding on, paid for, or had recently won, etc etc. How frustrating is that? Got me worried about where eBay is located and all that. But I logged in an hour later and all was back to normal. On September 7th I paid for 4 items via payapal, and on the 13th I received 3 of those 4 items via USPS Priority Mail. 2 weeks later, there is one item that I have not received. I emailed today as I am a bit concerned about what may have happened. The seller is located in California, so probably not affected by Katrina or Rita or whoever else (hurricane wise) might show up.

Speaking of hurricane's good luck to all those about to face up with Rita. And if we have learned anything about hurricane's lately..... Please evacuate. Possessions mean nothing if you aren't alive.
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