Saturday, September 17, 2005

Husband is Nice.

So today the husband is super nice. It's spinning from yesterday, (See black hole) which ended quite nicely considering. Last night I finally got the Disney scrapbook started and finished from our Disney trip in 2001 (behind much?) and I was very pleased to sit and scrapbook all night. Husband played some online PS2 game while I scrapbooked. I started around 7pm and finished at precisely 12:59am. Slept well. Today, I haven't done too much. I cleaned up my scrapbook mess, and sat in the scrapbook room and stared at all the other pictures I should be scrapbooking- Like will I ever be able to scrapbook wedding photos?

Right now I have Two VERY LARGE wedding albums. Between Bachelorette Spa Day/ 2 Bridal Showers/ Trip to Vancounver and Wedding, Honeymoon/and then reception. Ugh. Then opening gifts. Were talking hundreds of dollars to print those pictures (they are all digital) and I have them all in ablums and I am thinking Scrapbook? All of these? Ugh.

Dogs and I are just around home. Candles all lit, smelling like Pumpkin Pie, Apple Crisp, Hazelnut, and Mulled Cider around here, Combines driving by as people start to open up the end rows and consider harvesting. It's beautiful weather. I actually feel like taking a nap. It's 5:15 and I just took a nice hot bath. Slacker! Oh well, it is my weekend!

Enjoy yours!


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