Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Viggo Everywhere

Does this happen to anyone else? This sort of thing happens to me all the time. Example: Viggo Mortensen. Never heard of the man. Not even once noticed him nor paid attention to him.

Let me start at the long beginning. I love Italy. Tuscany to be exact. wanted to get married there but it was WAY expensive. Vow to go there someday. Love wine. Love baking my own bread and making my own tortelini. In response to my love of Tuscany, My dining room is decorated in this way, with grapes and wine corks and other italian inspired. I watch Under the Tuscan Sun so many times. I am currently reading A Thousand Days in Venice by Marlena DeBlasi, and have already been staring at A Thousand Days in Tuscany (also by DeBlasi) Which I intend to read next. So I have found this love of Diane Lane, and how she is such a wonderful actor and I feel that I can connect to her so well, like she is so REAL. And I happen to run across a movie on cable, starring Diane Lane- A Walk on the Moon, and intrigued by her, and life in the 1950's and 1960's, I stay tuned... to find her having an affair with Viggo's character, the blouse man. His character interests me. I am a hippy at heart I believe, my mom always said born in the wrong era. So I watch. I take note of Viggo's name. Two days later, Viggo shows up in A Perfect Murder with Gweneth Paltrow as her "affair"- I think to myself- He must be the "go to guy" for movie affairs. Then just a day later he comes up in a conversation with a friend and we mention his marraige to who I am told was Cindy Lauper (although that has been disputed by my husband and I have yet to investigate) and I am SHOCKED that I could have gone so long without hearing his name or noticing him, as in 1 week he just appears EVERYWHERE! I find he was in Lord of the Rings and I never really noticed him. Then I find out he was in 28 Days with Sandra Bullock, and I never really knew his name- but I have the DVD! Wild. Then tonight as I click on my customary NEXT BLOG link I find him again, in photo form.

So this happens to me from time to time, with someone or something that I have never noted even once before, and in like a week's time they are everywhere. Anyone else with this phenomenon in their lives?

Update: Research shows Viggo is also a jazz musician and has already released 3 CD's. Speaks fluent English, Spanish and Danish, but he also speaks Swedish and Norwegian reasonably well. He was married for about 1 year (although they did not seperate for 5 yeras) to Exene Cervenka, the singer of the punk band "X", and they have a son Henry, who was also in Lord of the Rings. He owns a publishing company and has had a book of poetry published. He is a photographer, and his photos have been displayed in an exhibit in NYC. Grew up in Argentina. Is a Danish Citizen. He purchased the horses that he rode in the Lord of the Rings Triology and also in Hidalgo, as he is a horseman in his spare time.
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Bill said...

Just wondering how you didn't notice Viggo in Lord of the Rings? Did you even watch the movie?

dazed said...

Well, when I say I didn't notice him, I don't mean I watched the entire movie and never set eyes on his face. I mean that I did not TAKE NOTICE of him. I didn't say "what a great actor" I didn't say "What is his name" and I didn't say "he's a great looking man." At that time, to me, he was just a man in the movie. I have only seen the first LOTR and only once, and it was when it first came out. I always intend to sit down and see the rest, I have them all on DVD at home, but they are such long movies, and I always wanted to watch them all together, or at least within a few days of each other, and I have so much going on, I just rarely have the time. Usually when I catch a movie it just happens to be on when I am folding clothes or matching socks or decluttering. I happen to be watching it while working on something. I sort of believe that the LOTR movies sort of deserve my attention. So I keep putting it off. Does that answer?

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