Friday, March 16, 2007

What in the WORLD?!

Today I decided that I need a world map. Not just any world map. A Large, wall sized, Laminated World Map. I am ashamed to say that lots of time I am mailing swaps and things overseas and the postage is SO expensive and it takes SO long and I get SO frustrated and occasionally I think "well, I know it's over the OCEAN but JEEZ!" and then I start to feel like I should be watching it on a map. And there are maps online. BORING. I want a map on my wall. A big giant map that I can write on with a wipe off marker and circle the place my package is going and draw myself a big dotted line in red across the ocean and erase it when the package arrives. I want my kids to be as fascinated by other countries, their religions, customs, cultures, geography, etc. as my husband and I are. That said, the only place in the house with wall space left for a world map is either the baby room or the master bedroom. Uh. I really want it in the office- hellooooo!? I dunno. So I shopped online and found that the same $44 map at staples is like $20 everywhere else. WTF Staples? So I am wondering if they have them in store because I wouldn't have shipping... but anyway. Might just be a hair up my ass. Might go away. Might not. Think about the world map.

Ohhh.... maybe I could put it on my wall at WORK! Aha! But then my kids wouldn't be growing up seeing it all the time. But then I have like 4 or 5 years before they can understand it anyway. HMMMM.... Yes.... the wheels are turning.

But- If I had $240, I would buy this world map that's about 40x30 inches and have it framed and matted as I have chosen below, and then would hang it in the dining room or the bedroom and watch my packages travel the country.

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