Friday, March 09, 2007

A Trip to the Vet

I. Am. So. Lazy.

This morning we took the dogs to the vet. Hadley has been having electric yellow urine and frequent accidents in the house, even when he has just been outside. It's like he can't hold it. They decided to do some bloodwork for potential liver or kidney issues, and Hadley had a spot on his leg shaved (although he has short hair as it is) so that the vet could see his vein and draw blood. Hadley didn't like it but It was pretty cool to see the vet do a blood draw. They got their booster shots and new rabies tags for this year. They were so super psyched to be going for a ride this morning... it was funny how much they barked and Hadley "talked" all the way to Walnut.

On the way home they were so exhausted from all the excitement that they just sat or lay down in the back seat, and we had only been at the vet for 30 minutes. LOL.

Although I had showered in the morning, I changed my clothes again because I was covered in dog hair. Evan fed the beasts so I could go to work. Hadley's blood work should be done in about 24 hours so we will know what we are looking at.

This weekend is looking to be a pretty quiet, around home weekend. Probably some cleaning and some dishes and laundry, and hopefully some good sleep and relaxing will happen.

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