Friday, March 30, 2007

Pregnant Brain!

Ahhhh weekend. Ahhhh yes.

Tonight is Ava's 1st Birthday party, and we are cooking out, and I am really looking forward to it. Evan was making fun of me last night when I was so exhausted but struggling to throw together the potato casserole for tonight and wrap Ava's gifts. I was trying to make them all look pretty and his thing was "why even bother! She's just one, she doesn't care! She will just rip the bows and paper off anyway." And I could see his point but I really enjoy making gifts look pretty. The presentation is half the gift, right?

And I was throwing it together with paper and bags and ribbons I already had at home, so I was pretty proud.

The rest of the weekend will be okay... I have plenty to do. I do have a scrapbook day to attend on Saturday but I have NOTHING Planned to work on, no photos developed, and nothing packed. Um. Yeah. Not sure how this will work out. And I just can not live by the creative memories motto that you just sit and crop photos without having any idea how you will lay them out or what theme you will use or what size album or what papers. Uh. No. I am much too particular. I do have a few ultrasound pics and some papers that are all in black and white so I think I will try to concentrate on those and other baby stuff if possible. But I dunno. It's looking more and more like I would rather just go for the food and maybe make a card for someone and read some magazines or something. I just can't decide and I will put myself into overdrive trying to get prepared. I meant to do it last night, but by the time we ate supper with my parents, chatted for an hour, drove home, and then I made the casserole and wrapped gifts... I was pooped and went right to bed. There just aren't enough hours in the day! Or should I say enough hours outside of my workday!

I saw a super cute cardigan pattern online, that I almost think I could follow and make! I am considering it, but first I must finish the baby blanket, so it might not ever happen. I did receive two hats that I got on ebay, I had the seller, Heidilynn Originals, make the bunny hat to fit next year around easter... but If it's a boy, I don't know about the pink ears. If it's a boy, I know he can't wear the flower one, but I bought them anyway. My hunch is girl, just based on dreams and such. We will know officially in just over a week! Yeah! We recently bought Julien the Dog, which is freakin' adorable, and holds especially more meaning because when I was little, my stuffed dog's name was Julie.

I have been waiting for 57 days on an appeal with my insurance company, for $225 that they owe me since 11/30/2006. They told me 60 days, all three times that I called to check on the status, and when I called today, knowing that Monday is 60 days, they can't find where the appeal was ever entered into the correct system. Um. Yeah. My head almost started spinning. Argh. So they are going to get back to me. I can just see where this is going. When do you suppose I will hear back? LOL.

Did I mention that this evening Evan called me at work because he nearly burned the house down?! LOL. It was my fault, when the cleaning people came, I stashed a bunch of stoneware and a wooden cutting board in the oven. Evan was going to put in the casserole for Ava's party and preheated the oven without looking inside. (uh-oh) he said he could smell it and he came into the kitchen and pure white smoke was rolling out of the oven and the smoke detectors started going off and that the whole house smells like a sauna thanks to the wooden cutting board. It didn't catch on fire but it was black and near combustion. LOL. Thank god his brother bought us a Fire Extinguisher for Christmas!

We had a good laugh. I learned me lesson about looking in the oven when I was a teenager. I was babysitting for a family and I preheated the oven for a pizza only to start smelling terrible burning plastic. I opened the door and to my horror found that the entire oven was full of melted loaves of bread and bags of buns, along with packages of cookies and bags of chips. And I mean FULL of them. And all the plastic was melted into one giant lump and was dripping down onto the bottom of the oven. The rack was covered and it smelled HORRIBLE. I spent most of the night scrubbing the oven and the rack. I felt so terrible but I thought WHO keeps bread and chips in their oven and DOESN'T tell the babysitter! LOL. So I ALWAYS look inside the oven before turning it on. Lesson Learned!

Earlier in the week I mailed an envelope and insert to the cell phone company (I hand addressed the envelope, and stamped it, and wrote the check number and the amount on the insert, and put it in the mail) and I never even wrote out the check to put in the envelope. So yeah. pregnant brain. LOOK OUT!

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