Thursday, March 29, 2007


Boring. Boring. Boring. Cloudy. Overcast. Rainy.
So they released the cover for the final Harry Potter. In which he DIES.
hmm. Still not excited.
My belly is sticking out far today. I ate TWO hot dogs at the employee picnic today! he he.

Evan and I are trying to determine if we should take a weekend and go to Milwaukee. My doctor says I need to get away. Her actual advice was to take 3 weeks off work and I just can't, I can't afford it and I have no PTO. She said my stress is affecting my sleep and making me all cranky... which I agree with. She agreed that a weekend away would be a good idea. So I looked at Milwaukee and found some great hotel rates right on the lake and thought of the Botanical Gardens and the Aquarium, and the Museum of Art, and I found a spa right around the corner from the hotel that does prenatal massages and pedicures. But then I started to feel guilty. Even though it's doctor's orders to go, it will likely cost a decent chunk, and our plan was really to put all our money on loans, credit cards, etc and get everything paid off before the baby comes.... although if I really look at it, I might still be able to do that and take a little babymoon too. We haven't had any vacation (no vacation from work even for me) since we got married in August of 2005. Ugh. Decisions.

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