Sunday, March 25, 2007


Slacker. Sorry.

I have been either busy or not feeling good for the past week. We installed a new software release at work that we spent MONTHS preparing for, and so it was an insanely busy week. I was crashed at home each night and didn't accomplish much besides staying sane. Towards the end of the week I started to have back problems and ended up needing an emergency back crack (whew!) and then being very dizzy and faint for an entire day/night and just lying down as much as possible.

Yesterday I just started to feel better and had the whole house picked up and myself cleaned up by 10:30am... which was amazing. We had a guy come from the Quad Cities to give us an estimate on new Windows, and that was successful and exciting. It was warm and humid and then it started to rain again and cooled off. We ate leftover Spaghetti Pizza for lunch and then I watched "O Brother Where Art Thou" and a few episodes of "Myth Busters" on Discovery Channel. It was a pretty relaxing afternoon.

Last Tuesday we had our March OB appointment and Evan got to hear the heartbeat. For the first time I was sure that I was feeling baby movement because the midwife felt the baby pushing back on the doppler when I felt the movement. Since then I can put my hand just right on my belly and feel pushing or kicking back, and Evan can feel it too, which is exciting. We scheduled our "big" ultrasound for April 9th, so we can hopefully find out girl or boy and get our first look at the baby in 8 weeks. Can't wait for that! I also got my Quad Marker bloodwork drawn and it was sent away for testing.

It is BEAUTIFUL and 70 degrees today, very sunny with a nice breeze. This afternoon we plan on walking the dogs, and I am going to take a bath and shave all nice so I can wear shorts! Yeah! The grass turned green yesterday and Evan said the tulips are coming up. I hope everything dries out this week so we can clear out flower beds, and Evan promised me that he would put the pond back in the ground this year, I missed it last year! We have big plans for easter weekend and this weekend I have a scrapbook day to attend and Ava's First Birthday party. I am so glad it's getting nice out! I know I will love being pregnant in the spring. We need to take belly pictures at the end of this month, because the belly is popping out now!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend and is enjoying their weather... if it's as nice or nicer than ours!

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Michelle said...

The weather is amazingly uplifting isn't it?! I noticed today the much greener grass and I love it!

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