Friday, March 16, 2007

Awesomeness Everywhere

Yee!!! Flickr has just implemented a new feature that I had ASKED for, and that was one of their top requests for enhancements. There are Now "Collections" which allow for essentially "sets within a set" A collection can be a group of photosets, which I am loving, because I can create a collection called "Vacation" and then fill it with sets, each one from a different trip. I can create a collection "wedding" and fill it with all my wedding related sets. I can create a collection "She's Crafty" and fill it with all my craft related sets. AND when I have the baby, I can create a collection with the "Baby Name" and then add sets of various age groups and events, such as "1month", "2month", "Birth", "Baby Shower", "Baby Room", and on and on and on till "First Birthday", "First Day of Kindergarten" etc. AWESOMENESS. And of course I have created 6 collections! Yeah! Check them out!~ Also completely AWESOME is the way that you can create Mosaics for the Collections.... as you see in the screen shot below.

And THEN, because Flickr is so freaking cool like that, they allow us to choose how our initial photo pages is viewed, and the option I chose was to show my COLLECTIONS on the right, instead of the sets that I always HAD to have on the right before. Flickr peeps, you are my heroes, thanks for doing such awesome work and making me enjoy photography and photo sharing all the more!

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