Sunday, March 04, 2007

Nice Dream

I just had to write this down. I know that I had lots of dreams last night (Thank you new bed and pregnant hormones) but my last one before I woke up was just awesome. In my dream, my midwife did something amazing. At her home, she converted an old red barn into a home birthing room. A large room that was all open. Everything inside was whitewashed. There was a giant bed with a fluffy down comforter and everything was white and lavendar. There were rocking chairs that reclined and birthing balls, and everything was lavendar. It was like going to a spa to give birth. There were roses in a vase that made the whole room perfumed. There were hydrangeas and pillows and flower petals. Wow. There were high small windows around the room so that you could see the trees swaying outside. There was a gazebo outside for the nervous smoking husband and a birth tub in the center of the room that was like a child's swimming pool, with lots of room. It was warm and quiet and darkened. It was amazing.

Of course nowadays I suppose there are some regulations as to what a certified midwife could do without approval, but it was like home birth only perhaps better... because everything was there, including the midwife, and it was so comfortable and shabby chic and you just felt at home, or even better, at a spa.

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