Thursday, March 08, 2007

Thursday. And I am not Half Nekkid.

This morning when I arrived at work, there was a sesame seed lingering on my chair and it made me hungry. I resisted eating it. LOL. Husband brought me a BIG Roast beef sandwich from Arby's last night for my supper, since I had gotten so busy teaching classes yesterday that I hadn't been able to grab lunch. Luckily I had eaten a late breakfast around 10am or I would have been sick.

Last night I pretty much accomplished nothing. Watched Crossing Jordan and a couple of TLC Specials, the one on Primordial Dwarfism that I have seen three times now, and then the special on the people eating 33,000 calories a day. Yeah. Good TV.

Then of course as is my usual custom, I got super tired until I couldn't prop my eyes open anymore and husband made the bed and I went to sleep. I am really enjoying that I have been able to wake up naturally several times this week, because I go to bed early enough to actually wake up on my own with plenty of time to get ready and go to work. This morning I actually DID my hair for the first time this week and am wearing jewelry. I must be feeling more normal! LOL. I had one OB nurse ask me how I am doing and tell me that I look great. That was nice.

My girl scout cookies are in today, and I keep telling myself that I won't eat an entire box at once. Or even in one day. We will see how that goes. I bought a bunch of them on account of I am pregnant and I want to eat them. LOL.

Have I mentioned here what my FAVORITE Food is now? Burger King Breakfast. The Hamlette Sandwich and Cheesy Tots. I have had it twice now, about once every week and a half. Otherwise it's usually cereal with skim milk. Like Cheerios or Chex or Strawberry Frosted Min Wheats (good fiber; no sodium.) Eating that BK Breafkast is like HEAVEN! But I am trying to watch my salt content (not sure how good I am doing since I ate a Culvers melt with soup once this week and an Arby Roast Beef last night) but I am trying. This weekend I need to total up the amount of food that we lost in the power outages and get insurance reimbursement so that we can refill the fridge and freezers.

Tomorrow is payday THANK GOD because I have lots to pay for and a few ebay auctions that I won. I did buy a weavette loom and a nice instruction and pattern book from a weaving company. I want to start making baby blankets. I can crochet but not follow the pattern, and I can't knit to save my soul because I tighten it up so badly that I break the yarn a few rows in. So the weavette allows you to weave squares that can have patterns and colors and then you attach them together to make a blanket or whatever you want. There are many sizes, and I ordered the 6x6 because it covers more ground. Lots of people have plastic weavette's from the 50's and 60's that they find at thrift shops or garage sales, but they are now making brand new wooden ones with metal pegs. Martha Stewart did a segment in her magazine last year about weaving with the weavette.

I also got seven nursing bras and three nursing tank tops for fairly cheap, and am bidding on a maternity swimsuit that I am going to pay WAYYY too much for, but it's not available anymore and It's the only cute one that I have ever seen that will fit me, and because I plan to be pregnant all summer, and my OB plans to make me swim to fight of Toxemia and get exercise, I figured be prepared and buy one in the winter is probably cheaper than when EVERYONE is looking for them. It's like a tankini but the top is longer and swing style so it covers your belly nicely and looks like a little short dress. It's blue and white gingham with white trim and daisies in the cleavage area. I also bought a pair of NWT Motherhood yoga pants (lounge pants) for $6, so that makes three pair of pants I have that are all comfy.

Evan has been doing a little more belly rubbing lately and often gets good baby ideas. He went to Target last night and when he got home he said "You should see all the cool baby stuff at Target" and I know that he wandered through the aisles. What is amazing is that he didn't buy anything in there. He did buy t-shirts for him and one for me with Mr Rogers on it, but no baby stuff.

I am gearing up for the April Coloriffic swap, the colors are lavender and cream and black. I have a *couple* of things bought already, that I saw and thought were so adorable and fitting. I got my partner's name and I have to say this is the most picky partner I have ever had and I am nervous about meeting her requests. She is very specific about what you don't send to her. She has limited a few crafty things because she already has enough of them. I feel stressed a bit but I am sure I will do fine, and I have a whole month to gather and send. I am thankful that she is in the USA because shipping is KILLER to other countries, for a box that is tiny and costs $3 -4 in the USA, it costs $20 to send to Portugal. And my swap in November cost me an arm and a leg to put together, and to ship, and then it got Lost? I think Customs from the other country stole it. You have to be very careful to not make it look too appealing or sending to another country it will often be stolen in customs. Argh. There should be LAWS or CONSEQUENCES for that! I hope that it will someday turn up, but fittingly enough, I never received my November swap either.

I am on ANOTHER Antibiotic for high White Blood Cells in my urine AGAIN. I would be willing to bet that I just have them all the time. LOL. Maybe it's because I work in healthcare and I am fighting off germs every day.

Well, that's enough literary magic for now. Have a great Thursday.

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