Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Twin Sisters

Tonight I watched a movie called Twin Sisters. It is based on a Dutch novel that was read all over holland and Germany. Dutch and German with English Subtitles, this movie was excellent, about two twin dutch girls whose parents died when they were very young and their family members separated them and they were raised in separate parts of Germany. They were raised completely differently, one as a farm hand for her family, with one change of clothes and beaten until she was unable to have children, and the other with rich relatives who nursed her back to health from TB and educated her and encouraged her musically. They were told that the other was dead, or that she didn't want to see her sister anymore.

Because of their different locations in Germany and their circumstances, One sister fell in love and became engaged to a Jewish boy, and the other fell in love with a boy who enlisted in the German Army and became part of Hitler's SS. When one sister saw a photo of the other sister's fiance and commented that she "almost thought he was a Jew" the sisters didn't speak for some time. The sister who married the SS soldier was notified of his death in the war, and the other sister's fiance was abducted on the street for being Jewish, put through concentration camps and gassed at Auschwitz. She married his brother in the end, and had a baby... and the sisters had a falling out that lasted their entire lives. The movie was excellent. I highly recommend it.

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