Monday, March 26, 2007

Target "Customer Service"

Target Customer Service:

I am writing this letter in regards to two orders:

Order Date: Feb 17, 2007
Order #: 601-8351151-7649708
Recipient: Meagan Johnson


Order Date: Feb 11, 2007
Order #: 601-0002394-7452104
Recipient: Meagan Johnson

On Februaury 11th, I ordered a sleigh glider and ottoman. When it arrived, it had damaged cushions, including stains, velcro sewn on backwards, and deep indentations in the seat cushions. It was also missing an allen wrench to assemble the glider. I called Target customer service immediately and was told that the parts order would take upwards of two months so they wanted to send me another glider, and have me remove the pieces that I need and then have a UPS pickup done on the remaining glider pieces.

I waited for the box to arrive, and when it didn’t I received a call from my local POST OFFICE saying that the box had been left there. Being pregnant, I am not able to lift the box myself. On top of that, it won’t fit in a car, and my husband and I had to arrange to borrow a truck from a relative and then go to the post office, after hours, and he had to load it by himself into the back of the truck off their loading dock. This never should have happened. The glider should have been delivered to our home.

We removed the glider cushions and the allen wrench and called Target to schedule a UPS pickup. We left the box outside the back door (which is where ALL of our UPS packages are picked up and delivered) and there must have been a new driver on Friday because there was a notice left on our front door, and the box was not picked up. RIGHT NEXT to the notice that he left on the door was a large print note that we had written asking that all packages be picked up or dropped off at the BACK DOOR. This was very frustrating. He was scheduled to pickup the box again on Monday. On Monday it was raining. We left the box in the garage and the large overhead door to the garage OPEN so that the driver could access the package. He walked right past the garage and left another notice on the BACK DOOR this time that he had been there for pickup and would be back on Tuesday. Tuesday, the weather did not call for rain until that night. Because the driver walked right past the box in the open garage- and because it wasn’t scheduled to rain until that NIGHT… we left it OUTSIDE right in front of the back door. We had things to do that night and didn’t get home until almost 10pm. Of course, we found the glider and ottoman and the box in the rain, completely soaked and falling apart, and the UPS driver didn’t come by at all that day, as his notice said he would.

For the remainder of the week and the beginning of this week, we left the notice on the back door saying the package to be picked up was in the garage. No one ever came.

I had also called Target last Wednesday and spoke to a representative. I explained that this glider has been nothing but trouble and that the package had been rained on, to the extent that the box has broken at the seams and fallen apart, and the contents were soaked. There is no way that UPS could even pick up or carry the box as it isn’t even in the shape of a box anymore. I asked her what Target wanted me to do about it. She told me that she was forwarding this issue and that I would receive an email from Target within 24 hours with instructions. I have received no communications from Target or UPS and it has been a week tomorrow.

I am sick of this box at my home, in my garage, etc. I am pregnant, and I can’t lift it. It is damaged and not worth anything to anyone anymore. If I do not hear from Target with directions to get this taken care of by this Friday, the box and it’s contents will be going out with our trash.

I am very upset with the customer service we have received (or should I say the lack of customer service we have received) over this package. I have plenty to worry about without the addition of this mess. This makes me reconsider having my baby registery with Target, and purchasing my crib and mattress.changing table from Target. Your customer service needs improvement.

Thank you for your time.

Meagan Johnson

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Michelle said...

damn, you go girl! that stinks!

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