Saturday, March 31, 2007

Busy Bee

Well, the weekend has been exciting so far! Friday night my JC Penney order came and I got to try on all my shirts and wear a new one to Ava's Birthday Party. It was a great time. The food was great, and we really enjoyed watching her eat her own little winnie the pooh cake and open presents. She LOVED the bubble generator and the sand and water set was also a big hit. Anya liked the dress and everyone said "awww" when it was opened. We stayed as late as I could stay awake, which was pretty good for me. You can see all the photos from Ava's Party HERE.

Friday night when we got home after 11, I started a load of laundry and submitted all of Ava's birthday photos and many of my baby belly photos so far to the Wal-Mart photo center online so that I could pick them up in the morning. Then I gathered and packed all the scrapbooking supplies that I would need in the morning and collapsed into bed sometime after midnight, which was WAYYY Late as far as I am accustomed to (since being pregnant!)

Saturday morning I got up and got showered and ready, and loaded my things in the car. I had to run to Wal-Mart to pick up photos and toilet paper.... and then on to Lake Thunderbird for a scrapbook day. It was a nice day. It's hard for me to sit that long, and I only went from 11 till 5, with a break for a quick lunch and an afternoon snack of brownie and vanilla ice cream. At the scrapbook day I got the cover for the baby album done, and 5 pages, which included all my belly photos and all the ultrasound photos we have gathered so far. I also started on Ava's Birthday and got the first page done. I bought a new set of pastel pens (good for journaling on baby pages!) and two sets of letters in pistachio green and some green and blue combo letters... and a "eraser" of sorts that removes adhesive and pencil lines from pages and photos. When I left I had such a headache I couldn't wait to get home to my Tylenol. You can see the pages I made today HERE.

Tonight I thought I would probably lay down I was sooo tired. But instead I cleaned the scrapbook table and put away all my supplies. Then I uploaded some photos to Wal-Mart to make some wallets for my new portfolio in pink that keeps wallet photos in my purse. (got that at the scrapbook party too!) Then I picked up a small veggie pizza which I DEVOURED by myself and then I made three handmade Items for the April Coloriffic Swaporama and then packaged all of the things up along with the other Lavendar and Cream and Black things that I had to send. I addressed the package, took photos, and uploaded those to Flickr along with all the scrapbook pages that I made today. See the April Swap Package HERE.

So I have accomplished more this weekend than I expected to ever get done. And now, I don't know what else to do. Surprisingly, I am not quite ready for bed. I could probably sleep.... but maybe I need to make a cup of tea. Chamomille Tea. Yes!

Well, everyone have a nice weekend!

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Michelle said...

Gosh, I can't believe Ava is a year old already -- too cute she is!

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