Sunday, March 04, 2007


My tummy hurts. Its my own fault. For supper I had a slice of veggie pizza, chips and dip, and cookie dough ice cream. Um yeah. It seemed like a good idea when I cried at the end of Extreme Home Makeover (when I only caught 8 minutes of it) and almost cried when I saw a baby at the Christmas Eve celebration on Girls Next Door.

I loved the season premiere of the Girls Next Door. They brought in a snow machine for the mansion lawn. Bridget got a pink Vaio. My favorite part was when they bought and wrapped bunches of gifts for a family who lost everything in a fire.

This evening I took a two hour nap to get rid of my daily headache.

I made my handmade item for the Color-iffic Swap-o-rama March Swap (blue and green) and packaged it all up to send out. After I sealed the package, I was sitting here and I suddenly remembered that I had a blue bunny that I forgot to include in the package, and some blue rick rack. So I opened the package and added them.

I am currently bidding on a maternity swimsuit that I adore but I am about to pay WAY more than retail for it because it's not available anymore and the ones that you can buy now are UGLY and this one is super cute. And my OB Warned me that I will be SWIMMING and the in-laws have a pool.... and I will be super hot and super pregnant.

Friday night mom and I found baskets that fit the changing table. I also got a down alternative comforter to fit the new bed for $49 (originally $120) and a cute onesie just in case I have a girl.

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Michelle said...

Are those baskets a perfect fit or what!

You always put together nice packages for your swaps!

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