Tuesday, March 27, 2007


To ponder: Why did the town of Princeton smell like Onions this morning?

So. It's Tuesday. It was an okay day. Yesterday was very busy, like last week. My feet hurt so bad when I got home. Ugh. I need to get new dress shoes for work because all of mine are busted ass. The soles are wearing off and the insides are peeling apart. I also need to order some more shirts, since it's getting warmer and my belly is getting bigger and apparently all my shirts are shrinking (I mean that literally, cotton t-shirts that fit me last month just aren't coverin' the belly anymore... and because I am tall, this really bugs me. So I heard of some promotion codes through Penney's and ordered a few (8!) new shirts, some basic colored t-shirts and a couple of tank tops and a couple of prettier tops. That will be good.

Also on the good side, I paid off our wedding loan! Yea! Yesterday. Thank God. Only 1.5 years after we got married, and also after we put every single dime of our wedding gift money on it after the reception. It's very ironic that all of the people who gave us money as a gift were really paying me to pay for them to eat, drink, and be merry. (which I really enjoyed and would never take back) It really sucks that without even having a "wedding" complete with dress, flowers, bridesmaids, church, etc., we STILL had to take out a loan, AND use all of our wedding gift money towards it (which only cut the loan in half) AND then had to make payments for 1.5 years until we could put the wedding part behind us. Just in time to try to buy a crib and armoire for the baby room. I am really working hard to pay off all credit cards, medical bills, and loans (including my car) BEFORE the baby comes. Whew.

On the side of progress, we have *fingers*crossed* found a registered daycare provider (in-home) that we are excited to meet and hope will be the place for our baby to go when I do return to work. This is especially important because around here, the waiting lists are over a year long for infants. Yeah. No daycare has any openings. Most in home daycares have no openings. So that is good. I need to call and setup a time for Evan and I to meet her.

This weekend I became the cleaning organizing whirlwind. Late Sunday I decided that I needed to ORGANIZE the back porch and went to the mart and got a few little clear totes (I even took my tape measure) and then went home and organized. Must be nesting! And My brain has a clear path of things that I need to attack next.

I also found the COOLEST website. First, it's free. Yep. Free. No catch. Ta-Da. That's the name. tadalists.com allows you to make lists. LOTS of lists. Like my lists right now "To Do this week" and "Before the Baby Comes" and "This Spring/Summer" - and what's super cool you can share them with someone(s) and allow someone(s) to edit them (add and remove items, check items off.) It's like a virtual checklist of everything in your brain. You can keep the lists private or public, and can email yourself updates of the lists, or subscribe via RSS Feed to your lists.

This weekend should be eventful. Ava's First Birthday party... So I am making Cheesy Hashbrown Casserole (yum comfort food) for the occasion since we are potlucking/cooking out. I am planning a Bead Retreat party in April, and I am not worried about sales... I just want people to come and all of us to hang out and make bracelets and have a good time. Seems like there is lots of interest. I love the soothing feeling that I get when doing things like beading or basketweaving. I have to be in the right frame of mind to do those things though. It's strange. I love to craft.

But there is this state of mind that I get into now and again, where I am restless and cranky and nothing makes me happy and I just want to be left alone and I get so agitated that I can't be relaxed and I can't be productive. Recently I get this way in the middle of the night. If I get woken up any time after like 2:30 or 3am, I seem to have a hard time getting back to sleep. My mind starts going and I get cranky and the more I try to relax the worse it gets. I am trying relaxation music and instructional relaxation.... nothing. I get so agitated that I can't sleep... until about 1.5 to 2 hours later when I wear myself out from the frustration. So on most recent nights, right in the middle of my sleep, I am awake for about 1.5 to 2 hours straight. Once I ate my cereal at 3am and I went back to sleep fairly soon. I don't know what the deal is.

Hmmm... what else is new? I dunno. I just keep thinking if I can just get through this STUPID week things will be better. I am just not satisfied this week. It's kinda like spring fever. Who wants to be inside a stupid office wearing stupid pantyhose and looking at a stupid computer when you could be outside enjoying the sunshine and fresh air and walking your dogs and stretching your tired pregnant body and growing a baby which is SO much more important than anything everyone else is making me do.

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Michelle said...

I seriously think that maternity clothes have extra-shrink sewn right into them! I had the same problem.

I so wish I lived closer because I would love to attend a bead retreat party - never been but sounds fun!

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