Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Good Things Come in Small Packages!

Today has actually been a fairly productive sick day. This morning when I woke up, I let the dogs out, fed them, gave them their medicine, and then lay down to read. I am currently reading Frank McCourt's "Teacher Man." I love his books. He writes so realistically. I also read a new memory makers magazine and then felt bad about the state of my scrapbook table and my lack of recent projects, including my wedding album and the start of a baby album. I can feel myself slipping behind!!

When I finally got motivated I took a bath and got dressed. I ate peanut butter toast and a banana at the recommendation of my OB (since I have been feeling sick) and then I took the dogs for a little walk around town, which is something to walk both of them by myself, but it can be done, especially when they are used to walks now since we have been walking every day since the weekend. I wanted to get a walk in before I got too tired and before it started to rain, since it is already looking overcast this afternoon.

When I got home I rested. I watched a little Tivo, checked my email, and checked the status of the weavette loom... I bought one from a wonderful company on ebay, along with the weavette pattern book, and the loom appears to be manufacturer defective... missing a peg. I emailed pics to the seller this morning to get his take on it. I tried on 6 nursing bras, a maternity swimsuit, 2 pair of nursing/maternity pajamas and a robe, 2 nursing sports bras, and 3 nursing tank tops. I left auction feedback for the various items I tried on, and then I started to feel sleepy.

I ran the dishwasher, picked up the kitchen dishes and garbage, let the dogs outside, cooked a chicken pot pie for lunch, and called 3 daycare facilities to request packets of information so that we can make a decision for this December and get on a waiting list.

I started to feel like a nap, so I went to the post office and grabbed the mail, which included a package- My Coloriffic swap-o-rama package for March- themed in Green and Blue. There were lots of goodies inside, including a hand knit sweater for the baby that is a kimono style that ties on the side. It is so freaking adorable I just want to show it to EVERYONE. Evan loved it when he saw it. He had to untie and re-tie it. It was made and sent by Katie in New Hampshire and I just can't thank her enough!!

So now it's 3:30 and I am wondering what the rest of the day brings. I am pleased that I got some things accomplished that weren't tiring or stressful, and was this productive when I was sick. :)

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