Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Welcome to The Devil's Playground

I wish I had something genious and fabulous to say. But I don't. Work has been exceptionally busy so when I get home it seems like I don't even attempt anything that involves calculation or imagination. I am lucky if I can work the microwave. And since work is the "place we cannot blog about" for fear we turn into The Queen of the Skies, or even more fearful, a sellout like Dooce, I will remain silent on the subject.

Tonight, it is silent at home, as husband's number one priority for the second night in a row has been driving to a friend's house to help him beat a video game. Ahhh priorities. But at least he got lots of things done this week, like downloading lots of pictures of naked chicks and trying to make friends with all 19-25 year old females in Illinois through MySpace. Why is it that I become bitter? I can talk to guys and girls alike on Blogger. It doesn't MEAN anything. right? So why would him talking to girls on my space be any different. It shouldn't. And I am telling myself that, and that I overreact and be jealous for no reason, and that I just need to chill and a little online friendship never means anything.

But then I am not searching the Devil's Playground for Girls who are just legal and 8 years younger than him and sending them personal messages about how they have nice eyes. Not that my husband has done THAT or anything. Just speculating. Hypothetically speaking of course. But then I have to remember and keep into perspective that I could see a guy online who has beautiful eyes and say so to him and not mean anything more than a platonic compliment. I am not going to "meet him" or send him naked pictures or cheat on my husband. So he can have completely platonic discussions about a 19 year old's eyes.... Right? Hypothetically speaking. And I have nice eyes. If you like green squinty ones that can shoot daggers so sharp that a glance can make you bleed out your eyes.

So I do know that I am overreacting. And that I have had plenty of conversations and made comments that to outside eyes and out of context might seem a little over the line. So chill wifey. Just chill. I don't want to be the pot calling the kettle black. I'm hot. Totally hot. It's cool. it's cool....


keda said...

eeek! ooh baby.

we can all go a little green eyed monster sometimes.

but it is bad. it's cool it's cool. you are hot. totally. be cool.


but 19??

MillieMorley said...

Oh Meagan, don't feel bad about blogging your worries. I don't think you are being unreasonable. I would be very upset if my husband was checking out younger chicks on the net. Its just wrong!

Maybe you should try and talk to him about it. Just communicate to him how you feel, in a calm and mature manner and try not to get caught up in an argument. You're clearly upset about it otherwise you wouldn't blog about it.

You seem to me to be constantly busy (I read your blog daily) maybe he feels a little neglected because you are SUPER busy all the time. I can totally relate to your way of living. I live my life at 150 miles an hour and one day my husband flipped and said, its all well and good, you doing all your hobbies and babysitting your kids friends and doing girl guides, but don't forget about me! I was so busy being independent I forgot about the most important person in my life. Now we dedicate Sundays to each other and Thursday night is date night for us both, no matter where we are or what we are doing we ALWAYS keep Thursdays free. Sometimes we go to the movies, or to dinner or even eat dinner at home and do something together like play a game or take a bath together. It doesn't have to be big or planned, you just have to make time for each other.

I hope you can work things out! Hang in there sweetheart
x x x x x x

Michelle said...

No, don't chill! That's not right. I would be furious! JMO

Mon said...

this is a common thing among our generation. I had teh same problem, and he pointed out to me that I talk to guys on blogger. Talking, and commenting are totally different. He got a myspace just to look at naked chicks. And had them in folders on the computer, according to their attributes, and hair color.

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