Sunday, November 12, 2006

Shake Her Ass on the Hood of Whitesnake's Car


The weekend was okay. I spent Friday night being lazy mostly. Did a little laundry. Like 1 Load. Went to Wal-Mart. Ate a Salad with Grilled Chicken and some deep fried mushrooms that husband brought me from 6 & 34. Watched Men in Trees. I can't BELIEVE Marin went back to New York. And plow guy is pretty hot.

Saturday I spent the day cleaning and situating and getting food and beverage together for the sex toy party. I actually only worked from about 10:30am till 3pm, then I took a nap from 4-5pm and then I got woke up by a little girl from A Chicago Suburb (we could tell by the caller ID) Who called and I couldnt hardly understand her at all. Husband called back and she answered and when he asked if she had called our number, she denied it. What the Heck? Where were her parents? I had 12 RSVP's but then only 6 people came, so a special thanks to those who RSVP'd and didn't show or call. Oh well. We did have a great time, the consultant was great, and I did get some free stuff! But it wasn't my usual party. Oh well. I slept well.

Today I stopped by work, got Subway for us for lunch. Then I finished making the Thanksgiving invitations, and then we took the borrowed vehicles back to Evan's parents, and went to my parents, where I got my own car back (yeah!) and then helped them with their computer. We had spaghetti for supper and then I went to my sisters for a little bit and then came home. My mom burned me two new Christmas CD's and then a Best of Blondie/Pat Benatar CD so I rocked out the whole trip.

Tonight I have done NOTHING. Ate leftover Key Lime Cheeseball with Graham Crackers. Watched Desperate Housewives, Robot Chicken, the War at Home, and the New American Dad, where they did a spoof of the Whitesnake "Here I Go Again" Video where Stan is a street racer (Fast and the Furious Style) to get Francine all hot, and she goes all "Tawny Kitaen" on his souped up SUV. I have to just say right here that that Whitesnake Video is SOOO lame. I mean really. The hot chick on the hood of the car has absolutely nothing to do with the song. And really, their hair is identical. It's so silly, and even sillier when you look back. But it was definately memorable, which explains the BAZILLION references to it over the years. But at the end of the spoof, Francine even pulls Stan into the backseat identical to Tawny and David in the video. It's too much. Of course it's too early for the spoof to show up on YouTube. Maybe tomorrow, eh? It's so cool that he is racing against a Vin Diesel spoof guy too. It was great. Francine bet $50 grand on the race and the Vin Diesel guy beat Stan and Stan lost- and they too Francine until he could pay up. I haven't seen the end of the American Dad Episode just yet, curious to see if Francine will continue in Tawny's footsteps and get arrested for kicking her husband repeatedly and then get a restraining order filed against her and then go on anti-depressants.... and I also wonder if Francine graduated High School. Poor Poor Tawny, eh? She's 45 years old now.

So that's my night. I am so tired! I guess that it is almost midnight. But I have been tired since 9:30 and this is unusual for me on a Sunday. Might just have to call it a night, and consider that I didn't get much done at home. But it was a productive weekend, the house is clean, I uploaded more CD's to iTunes and labeled the songs and all that jazz, and I did research the Nano, since husband is getting me an 8GB Nano for Christmas, which I will get the first week of December. Can you believe that it's halfway through November?! Jeez!! It's insane! Whew.

Have a great Monday. I get to go back to work. Eeeewwww!

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Michelle said...

I would've totally came to your girls night out if I lived closer! Kinda a bummer that more didn't show that said they would, I hate that crap! Oh well, they missed out I'm sure!

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