Thursday, November 09, 2006

Bidding Fanatic

Well, I do love me some ebay. I have been in desperate need of some clothes. Mine are either too big or wearing out. I did recently buy a new pair of dress pants at Old Navy, and a new pair of jeans, and a denim blazer at Fashion Bug. The jeans are my favorites and the only ones I wear. I should have bought two pair! I love to wear the blazer on the weekend with the jeans, over a t-shirt or whatever... it's just right for cool fall weather.

I recently have been trolling eBay for Torrid items. I love torrid's skirts. They fit me PERFECTLY and they are wonderful . I have one at home and now I have three more on the way. I have bought them all used and save a bundle of cash. I also bought dirt cheap d-ring motorcycle boots, and cheap red cowboy boots, but they are funky, not true pointed toe ones. And I am waiting on my "pretty woman dress" but mine is black with white polka dots. I have been seeing some cool t-shirts on there, I just bought this one that says "Pirate love" and am bidding on one that says "Meet the Twins".... and also bid on "I love Dirty Rocker Boys" because I think it's cute, especially since husband is a musician and guitarist. I saw one that said "I'm a sucker for guys in eyeliner" but I figured it would be taken as more of a punk or goth way than in a "wow Johnny Depp is the hottest pirate ever" kind of way. So, I dunno. Maybe if I put a jolly roger patch on it. Hmmm.... go crafty brain go! But the one I really want, but it's wayyy pricey, is very vintage looking and says "camp Jenna" A summer of pitching tents and pillow fights. I love love love Jenna. Of course then there are the black and white funky pinstriped pants, and the black torrid skirt with pink tulle underneath. And the black torrid skirt with pink piping. AND the one that I will CRY If I don't win, the red skirt with black polka dots and black trim. I MUST Have that one.

So. That said. An example of whay I need new clothes? For so long, all of my pants and skirts have been so big that I can and do pull them off and on without ever unbuttoning or zipping them. This is convenient and comfortable, but not necessarily the best fit as far as attractiveness goes, or as good of a situation when your drawers are always falling down. So I have three new pair of pants, and whenever I wear the 2 pair of dress pants to work, I FORGET TO ZIP THEM. Yeah. Like first thing in the morning AND after potty breaks. Pants. Unzipped. Fly Open. Pink or Purple or Red or Black Underwear on display. Yeah. I have done that three times this week. Jeez. So I need to once again be trained on how to properly dress myself when I actually have to unbutton and zip my pants. Isn't that sad and scary? Of course maybe if I had more than .5 seconds to take a pee at work, it would be helpful.

I have recently began to use the ebay SMS alert system, where I can sign up (by the item) to have a text message sent to my cell phone when I am outbid, and then I can bid again right from my cell phone. Excessive? Well, lately I have had so many BITCHES outbid me by 1 penny at the last minute. You know the ones. Like My max bid is $20, and the current price is $15.00 - so they bid $15.50, then $16.00, then $16.50, all the way up until they bid like $20.50 and just barely outbid me at the end of the auction. When I go to see what happened, there are like 54 bids since mine and it's all one jackass bidding 3 cents at a time until they have bid more than me. SonsaBitches. One thing I have found, I am so agressive and catty, that even if I said I would NEVER spend more than $20 on that item, if some bitch like that comes along, I will pay $40 just in spite, to outbid her. Damn straight. Don't screw with me.


Damselfly said...

Oh, yes, I'm an eBay fanatic too. Mostly shopping for little baby clothes right now ... but after I drop the rest of this pregnancy weight, watch out! Here I come! And I'll have to check out the Torrid skirts you mentioned.

Break from Sanity said...

I just wanted to stop by and thank you for the rental on my favorite superhero blog.

Love the layout and brings back memories and thoughts of being my kids own superheroe...mild mannered though I be...

[m]att™ said...

OH god I LOVE IT !

I'm like that in real stores, although I'm sure it could easily transfer to eBay.

I onced knocked over an old lady at a Boxing Day sale. She was in the way between me and this pair of gorgeous Italian loafers for 60% off, and this other guy was heading for them. I tried to go around her, but she was too slow. So, I went through.

I got the shoes. Damn straight ! Nothing gets between me and my Italians !

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