Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Tuesday. I am freezing. freezing freezing freezing. I am seriously considering buying more heaters. For home and work. You can often find me sitting on the floor indian style in front of a space heater. Waiting for the bathtub to fill, opening the mail, reading a book or magazine. It's what I do. When I started taking Diabetes Medicine, I suddenly got the side effect (my dad takes the same meds and has it too) where my hands and feet are FREEZING. I have ALMOST Resorted to wearing socks to bed, and I HATE socks. Hate them. I find myself wearing two pair of socks often. And now I am always wearing slippers too. So today I wish I had another electric heater.

We used to have two at home but just a few weeks ago one quit working. I feel like I should strap the remaining heater to my back because I tend to move it from room to room. That little grey heater in the corner looks identical to mine. It's my best friend. Being freezing wasn't helped any by the fact that the blower motor went out in my car, and although my dad replaced it, he made the comment that the cheaper replacement blower motors don't push out the heat like the OEM blower does. He wasn't kidding. Used to be that the fan hit you in the face so strong you had to direct the vents away, now you can't even feel it, even on max. You have to hold your hand in front of the vents to feel the heat. That's disappointing. If I knew then what I know now I would have been sure to get a GM Replacement Blower/Fan that is an exact match for my car. So sad. Oh well. At least I have heat. But dad made the comment that if you think you notice it waiting for heat, wait until you are waiting for AC, then you will really notice a difference. Eeww.

Today at work I considered wearing my coat all day. Then I decided that I should just be sure to get myself a space heater for work too. Solve all my problems. So All I want for my birthday is a new oscillating remote control electric heater. Yum. Warmth. So I emailed that link to my sister, last week she asked me what I wanted. Now I know. And I just have to wait one week to get it. And if I am all smart and crafty I can make my heater his own carrying bag, with handles, and I can take him everywhere. So I can have him at work and at home and be comfortable at all times. Take that poor circulation!

Another thing I learned today? On eBay people make their own samples of Bare Escentials (Bare Minerals) Makeup in little clear jars or clear sifters. At first I was a little creeped out by that. Most of them clearly represent them as samples, but some of them are a little tricky and you ALMOST could think that you are buying a $32.00 set of Bare Escentuals Eyeshadows for $4.99. But the good thing with the sample sizes, when a seller combines shipping, you can purchase ALL of their color families for the price of one regular sized quad, and try them all out for a while to see which ones you really like. Or if you are me, and you are into variety, and matching your eye shadows to your mood or your destination or your outift.... then this is just plain awesome. I picked up Sample Trios of "meet the greens", "meet the browns", "meet the plums, "tahitian sunset", and a Sample 4-pack of "teamed up." ALL for about $25, which is $10 less than the cheapest full-sized trio. Fun Fun Fun.

Let's see, what else. Oh yes, last night I received my fall personal swap from Anke in Berlin. I was so super thrilled... but husband could not contain himself either. Especially over the gummy bears and gummy vampires, Hairbo being his favorite! We shared gummy bears on the couch tonight, over the TiVo'd episode of CSI Miami.

Another interesting thing... tonight on my way home from the place that I go each day, I drove down Park Avenue West and low and behold... November 14th and 2 jackass families had their Christmas Trees up AND lit inside their houses. Puh-lease. So much for giving Thanks, eh?

Tonight I have been lounging in flannel pajama pants, a long sleeve t-shirt, socks... AND I finally broke out my super warm and fuzzy Pikachu slippers instead of my pink playboy bunny slippers... to keep my feets warm. I haven't worn these super slippers in about 2 years, so you know the freeze factor is serious!

Everyone have a great night. I plan on drinking hot cocoa or Chai Tea before bed, which is coming up soon! Ahh... relaxing. Maybe some reading too....

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