Sunday, November 26, 2006

Maxim Sucks

Is it wrong to hate a magazine? For years my husband has gotten a subscription to Maxim Magazine. And. I. Hate it. Playboy doesn't bother me. Cherry, Hustler, any dirty mags don't even make me mad.... but that damn Maxim magazine. I hate it. Honestly, how retarded can their articles get. 100 ways to blow your paycheck? Sexiest webcams? How to outrun a bear? How to live to 130? 50 very bad things to do till sunrise!

Granted. Everyone wants to relax and have fun. Not everything you read has to have substance. But do you think I am dying to buy my husband a subscription to a magazine that points him to the sexiest internet webcams and 100 ways to blow his paycheck? Um. Negative.
Husbands get into enough trouble on their own.

So the maxim subscription has run out. But somehow over the years it keeps getting renewed. And it's not me. And unless he is sending cash through the mail, it's not husband either. Although I do recall MIL renewing it as a gift previously. I am really really hoping that it will expire and be replaced by something else. At least Playboy has excellent articles with substantial topics.... and the chicks are naked. Maxim just has about a bazillion "girl next door" and "college hotties" contests each year. It's so boring. I'd rather see pretty naked chicks any day.

Maxim Sucks.

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