Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sunday night!

That damn Christmas Tree is sitting over there looking at me. "LIGHTS!" it screams. "ORNAMENTS!"

NOOOOOO. I don't WANT to do anything. The house is basically trashed. It was all clean before Thanksgiving. It was even clean AFTER Thanksgiving. But right now the kitchen is a mess, the dining room is filled with totes and decorations, the coffee table is the the new home of all my CD's and my laptop, and the mail, and a discarded pair of earrings. The bathroom has dirty laundry on the floor. The bedroom has every single drawer hanging open and the bed unmade. The porch smells like stinky dogs and has dirty dog beds. And. I don't care. Well I care, but that doesn't mean I am going to DO anything about it. At least not tonight.

Ah well maybe I will clean up the coffee table, and pick the laundry up off the bathroom floor. And I suppose I could close the drawers in the bedroom and I could probably clean up the kitchen a bit. But THAT is where I Draw the line! Okay and MAYBE I did just run into the kitchen and clean it up. And unload the dishwasher. And reload it. And perhaps I did start the wine glasses soaking in the sink. And I might have picked up all the dirty laundry. But now I am back to watching desperate housewives and ripping off my bra to lounge in comfort.

And honestly, doesn't that british chap know that the only reason Susan took him up on his offer because she loves Mike so much that she wants him to have the best lawyer. Jeez. And every week my theory comes to light, that ALMA killed Monique, and that Orson hit Mike with his car either BECAUSE Mike was with Monique, or because he THINKS that Mike killed Monique.

Still importing CD's into iTunes.

Oh, on a techie note, I recently decided to install Norton Antivirus 2007 and discovered that now it is no longer compatible with Zone Alarm's firewall products, including their free firewall. Of course Norton just tells you to "uninstall Norton" and sort of misleads you into thinking that you are protected. But if you READ the back of the Norton Antivirus box, you will immediately see that there is no protection for wireless and other users via a firewall. Of course, I was immediately pissed because Norton would just LOVE if you would run out and BUY their firewall, which is probably why they were so careful to make sure that the free version of Zone Alarm wouldn't work anymore. So, I have officially began the process to file for a refund from Norton and purchase the full Zone Alarm Suite, including their firewall and anti-virus. So in summary, Norton has just lost my business, which they have had for YEARS, and in turn have lost the business of all the computers I work on, and all the people I give recommendations to. Poor poor Norton. And I am not the only one. The internet is full of people who have Boycotted Norton 2007 and moved to Zone Alarm for all their needs. Good call Norton!

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