Monday, November 06, 2006

I just bought alcohol, do I look 17?

Today was so freakin productive that I can barely stand.

Okay. Mild exxageration. But my BRAIN is tired.
Working on a Housewide presentation/launch project at work. That's nice. I personally love it because it incorporates many of my favorites, graphic design, web design, and posters/flyers/presentation boards.

Last night I got so much shit done at home I could hardly stand it. At 10pm I was falling asleep but I kept trucking till about 1am. An early night for me.

This morning I was doing final pick-ups before the cleaning people arrived, and trying to take care of insurance and receipts for all my recent visits to doctors/dentists... and also get things ready to take to work, I kept making a pile on the dining room table as I swept from room to room. I had an application for an increase to my disability insurance, a Girl's Night Out Catalog, 2 Bills to mail for home and 3 medical bills to pay. I also had the pink and green swap to package and mail, but first I still needed to iron the bird embroidered towel, and I had the black boots I sold on eBay to pack up also. A man bought them. Could my hot boots be going to a cross-dresser? Hmm. Interesting.

So I decided to skip packaging the boots and the pink and green swap until tonight, when I have more time, except today at work I was reminded that I have to have 3 dozen cookies baked for the upcoming thingy that I mentioned above. Plus I need to make Vodka Slushies for my sex toy party (husband calls it the cooter plug party) on Saturday, otherwise the great quantities of alcohol won't be frozen in time. And did I mention I need to plan the Thanksgiving Menu and make the invitation? Yeah. I have a few things on my mind. OH and my car goes into the shop on Wednesday (my dad=the shop) and I probably won't have it back until Sunday. New Tie Rods, new front Control Arm Bushings, and a new Blower Motor. Today I bought vodka and orange juice, 3 bottles of wine, stuff to bake 6 dozen cookies (some for tomorrow, some for my party), Chex Mix, a piece of black foam board and adhesive (presentation), and a blower motor for my car. Where oh WHERE does all the money go! I got carded to buy all the booze. Showed me ID. Then I got carded to buy the adhesive. I had to be 17. Now please, tell me this. If I am 21, and you just sold me alcohol, and saw my ID, is it really appropriate to turn around and ask me if I am 17? The lady was super nice, but it's like Hell-O? In the exact same transaction you just scanned in my alcohol, viewed my ID, and all that jazz, but you have to ask if I am 17? Yeah. Here's your sign.

What the Fuck is wrong with Yahoo Mail Beta today? As a paying customer and Beta Tester, I am frustrated BEYOND belief that my messages (which I can see the senders and titles of) won't load completely so that I can read them. I have all these new photos from Adam of our 10 year reunion, and I can't see them, and ditto for bunches of other cool emails. And this has been going on for at least 7.5 hours, so it's like RESOLVE it already!! I can't load an RSS Feed and whenever I try to move or delete a message I get an error message. Some email messages that I was able to read or respond to this morning keep showing up in my inbox as unread, over and over, even if I did read them. And everytime I try to mark them as unread or delete them, I get the damn error messages.

You know what I hate? and and Names Database. What a bunch of crap. Here, sign up! It's FREE! Then everytime someone searches for you, we will show you their sex and age and where they live and then if you want to know who they are, you can pay us and we will tell you. Um. No. Nice try. How about you just do shit for free because you are a decent website who cares about people everywhere. Is there NOTHING for free anymore? Or how about you can see everyone in your class but you can't tell who their husband is or what their kids look like or where they work now... Unless you pay us... Mwaaaahahahaha! I get at least 1 email a day from one of those websites "Your old lover is looking for you!" Yeah well, I only have 1 old lover and chances are that he doesn't even own a computer, and if he did, it wouldn't take the internet to search for me because he knows right where to find me and I know right where to find him. That's the beauty of a small town.

And it's dark outside. And I have shit to do. So have a good night. Don't Miss CSI Miami!


Michelle said...

cooter plug party. Gotta luv your hubby! flippin. hilarious.

Glamorous said...

Thanks for bidding to rent my blog! If you want to do a guest post, email me at glamorousredneck at gmail dot com

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