Sunday, November 19, 2006


It's practically impossible for me to flip past the Notebook on cable and not watch it and bawl my eyes out. I remember years and years ago when I read the book. Jeez. But I have to admit that's the BEST movie representation of a book I have ever seen. And it doesn't hurt that Ryan Gosling is hot. And Rachel McAdams is just beautiful beyond belief.

This weekend was nice. Friday night I got all the Thanksgiving ingredients, a Ham and Turkey too. Saturday I got a massage. Ahhh. Then I looked at entry doors and picked out paint chips. Saturday night we went to the Kaiserhoff for a nice German dinner. I ordered the Ham hock. It was FABULOUS. We ate with Evan's family. It was fun. Of course we sang some great songs accompanied by the accordian. That night we hung out at home with our pajamas on and watched Benchwarmers. I also caught up on the O.C. episode that I TIVO'd Thursday. I was super psyched about Ryan and Taylor. When he kissed her I literally rewound and watched it twice. I was like YES!

So today I got my hair done, I went darker than I think I ever have before. Two colors of red. I actually was flipping through a people magazine while waiting my turn, saw a picture of Addison Shephard from Grey's Anatomy, and said "some of that red please." It's SO dark that it scared me at first, but I am really loving it now... Husband loves it too. In natural light it is especially funky and red. So today we did laundry and picked up around home. I need to remember to take the turkey and ham from the freezer tonight and put them in the fridge to start thawing.

I can't WAIT for this week. Time off work. time off work. Turkey. Family. FOOD! Birthday presents!!! YAY!

But I still have to work for TWO DAYS Until I can get there. Ugh.
Chin up.

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