Monday, November 13, 2006

Simon Says

Today was stress. Pure Stress. More Tasks to complete at work than there is physically even time to complete. It was incredibly frustrating. Short-staffed. It seemed like everyone had an issue that needed resolved, and we had implementation of so many projects that it was insane. My head and neck hurt just thinking about it. I wore a cute black and white houndstooth skirt that was pleated around the bottom. Black Tights, Black Mary Janes with Heels, and a Ribbed Black Turtleneck sweater. I did NOT want to get up this morning.

I had a FABULOUS Dream.

I wasn't married in the dream, and at a friend's house I met a guy who was a hairdresser. And he. Was HOT. And he. Wanted me. We cuddled on the couch watching movies. He wanted to do more than just my hair. His name? Simon. I know it. Cheesy and not hot at all, but he was so super hot. He worked in the city, and he wanted me to come by so he could do my hair, and I kinda acted like maybe, all the while my toes completely curling over the idea. SO I threw together my sexiest black dress and strappy heels and some sexy overnight gear (just in case, besides I mostly have sexy stuff), and drove to the city to surprise him.

I called and asked for an appointment with him and the receptionist didn't tell him my name, just asked him if he had time for another appointment that night. I could hear him tell her no, and that he had plans to get out of there, and she said that "Janet could take me" and so I made the appointment with janet. I knew what would happen when I got there. So when I walked in the door, Simon saw me, and just dropped his hands from the person he was working on. He was so thrilled to see me, I could tell by the look on his face.

He came out to the reception area and for some reason I was sitting on the floor. So this totally hot guy just walked right away from a client and sat down on the floor next to me and just touched me. Like because he wanted to. Because he had to. He asked what I was doing here and I said that I had an appointment with Janet. he said "No. You don't. I am doing your hair." and I was like, but, you have somewhere to be. And he said that he only wanted to be with me. How smooth is that. Dream guys. Ahhh.... So he just gave me this totally steamy and intense look and then- can you believe it, he kissed me, right there in front of everyone, and said he would be with me in just a minute, and got up and strode back to his client. Ohh. Hot. Our first ever kiss. A completely hot open mouthed kiss, in front of everyone. Hot. And he was so confident, like there wasn't even a question that he was supposed to kiss me.

So he finished up his client and I went back. As I sat down, I asked him if he wanted a minute to tell his friends (who he had plans with that evening) that he would be running late, and he said that the only person he was spending tonight with was me, and asked if I had plans. I remember being all tingly and warm and telling him no, and he said "it's settled then, we will go out to a nice dinner, just the two of us, and then you will spend the night at my place." Like there's no question. Like he has known me forever. Like it's totally natural for me to stay with him. And he never even questioned where I would sleep. I knew what he meant. Hot.

So he asked if I brought anything with me (like an overnight bag or whatever) and I said yes, and he looked like his interest was piqued, and so I said "I have a sexy black dress, and something else sexy to wear later" and the recognition in his eyes was unmistakeable. Hot. Oh My. God. This guy is so hot. I don't even have to TELL him anything. He gets it. he just GETS it. And he wants me. He's after me, and not the other way around. I was already gearing up to imagine our date....

And then. I woke up.

Damn it! Shit! Damn it all to Hell! So I am hoping that I can have an extension of that dream tonight. To wash my stress away of course. He's like the Edward Cullen of hairdressers.

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Michelle said...

OMG, I hope you can re-create that dream and continue it on tonight!! I love those kinds of dreams!

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