Sunday, November 26, 2006

O Tannenbaum

O Tannenbaum, how scratchy are thy branches.
You won't stand up straight in your stand,
You've scratched the shit out of my hands
O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum,
how scratchy are they branches.

So yesterday I took down all the turkey day decorations and some of my regular decorations to make way for the Christmas Decorations. Instead of taking the tree apart and the lights off each year, my husband plays grinch (complete with grinchy attitude) and crams the tree down the basement stairs where it stands until it's time to cram and bend it back up the stairs again. And that's what he did yesterday, after claiming, in a very grinchy way that he doesn't need to help and I remind him that he lives in this house and celebrates Christmas so he DOES need to help, and he replies that he doesn't celebrate Christmas because he doesn't believe in Christ. To which I reply "I will remember that when shopping for Christmas presents." and he groans and gets right up to go get the tree and the totes of decorations from the attic.

So the tree is a little shabby this year. First of all , the top 4 strands of lights don't work. I am addicted to lights. It's my mom's fault. My tree must be a glittering mass of white lights, all perfectly placed with no holes. So it has 8-10 strands of lights wound onto it. Yes. For real. That's around 1000 lights. I Have one of those expensive tall and somewhat skinny trees, which was about $300 new, but I got it for clearance after Christmas one year for $120. This aint your average menard's Christmas Tree. It has three kinds of branches in it, so it looks pretty cool. Well, all the bending and cramming has taken it's toll... there are a few branches that are a little saggy, but I can fix that once I put the lights on. Of course, the lights are already on it, but this year they aren't working (one was out two years ago but because there are so many lights on it, you had to get real close to see, so I left it.)o I spent yesterday UNWINDING the lights from the tree. Then I fluffed it. (you women know what I mean, every branch perfectly spread and placed) and then I stood back and went "lights. tomorrow."

I put up a wreath, the Christmoose Collection, and a little tree in our crock, and then my new Welcome sign with some Boyd's Bears. That leaves the red and white feather tree on the front porch, all the decorations and lights on the big tree, the bell collection (where in the HELL will I put that?) the snowbabies, and the dogs stockings. Then the santa and deer down the center of the dining room table, and the misc decorations on the ledges and tables, and then we move OUTSIDE. Just typing it makes me tired and I just woke up. I have literally gone to bed at 4am for the past two nights. It's not right.

Damn that Guitar Hero! We figured out how to switch my guitar to left handed and now I am rhythm guitr of bass guitar, and having a blast. It's super cool, and easy once you switch the screen to left handed.

So today, I planned on once again doing nothing much except putting lights on the tree and decorations, and then cleaning up around the house, and then tonight Thanksgiving at Grandma Johnson's. But I got called into work last night, and I have to go in today for a few minutes, which means I have to SHOWER and get DRESSED so my whole plan is shot to hell.

I did get my iPod on my birthday, it's technically my Christmas present from husband, but since he already had it, and I LOVE it.... I got it early. We had put the black 8GB Nano on layaway, but since then we discovered that ONLY the video plays videos and that for the EXACT same price as an 8G nano we could buy a 30Gig Video in Black. Um, where's the competition? So we immediately exchanged it. So Friday I had spent the ENTIRE day in my pajamas ripping CD's into my iTunes, and I have STILL been doing that all day yesterday and all night. Constantly ripping CD's. And then I went through all my photos from 2004-2006 and picked out about 1Gig of favorites, resized them, and synched them to the nano, and then I shopped google Video for videos. I did buy two through iPod, Taylor by Jack Johnson (starring Ben Stiller) and Upside Down which is an AWESOME animated video with Jack Johnson starring Curious George. Then from Google Video I got some Family Guy, Hinder's Lips of an Angel, and some Mike Birbiglia. Then I found shitloads of Dane Cook, my favorite being "First Blowjob." which you should totally watch if you haven't. I love Dane Cook. And he is so hot. And funny. totally my type. Ahem. So anyway, back to videos. This freakin iPod is awesome. It's hard for me to put it down. Really hard. The first night I slept with it. Ahhh. It had Captain Jack Sparrow on the box, like on the website, and I was instantly in love. And I have been seriously debating buying the Pirate's Movies for it, but it's like $9.99 and I am thinking that is kinda silly since I HAVE the DVD. But seriously. If I could just get all my DVD's on the computer (hmmm) and just choose from whichever one I wanted and take it to go. Wow.

It is astounding me that right now I have hundreds of photos, videos, and EVERY song in my music collection, over 1000 CD's, literally in the palm of my hand. Happiness is, a new iPod! So now husband gets the hand me-down shuffle. Which seems a little cruel in light of my new video, but I loved that little guy and he will too.

I am still ripping CD's right now. I am doing The Best of the Beach Boys, The Sounds of Summer, and will then do The Best of the Doors two disc set.

Of course now I DESPERATELY need this. Or perhaps at LEAST this. and this. and of COURSE this.

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je nny said...

"You scratched the shit out of my hands"

Amen, sister.

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