Thursday, November 02, 2006

Im all right jack keep your hands off of my stack.

Are Ya'll dead out there? I am picturing a bunch of zombies sitting at computers, their skin all rotting and hanging off, their fingers positioned on the mouse. And of course in the background, Thriller by Michael Jackson is playing, and the zombies are kinda jammin out while they read the blog.

Are you all Zombies? Am I that Boring?

Last night I went to a surprise Mary Kay Party. Why was it a surprise, you ask? Because while I was at work, my cell phone rang at 7:30 and it was my friends Anya and Jamie and it looks like everyone forgot about Jamie's Mary Kay party. So I left work, called husband from the parking lot, and said "put a piece of spaghetti pizza in the microwave for me" and then flew home. When I walked in the door he was standing there with the pizza and I was like "I have to pee" and flew to the bathroom, threw on jeans instead of my skirt, different shoes, and then brushed my teeth, and went to the living room where husband was sitting with remote in one hand and pizza in the other. Gave him a kiss and went up the street to Jamie's with pizza in hand.

I am allergic to Mary Kay foundation. I never used to be, about 12 years ago I had no issues with it, but about 3 years ago I bought some (kinda out of obligation to the consultant as she bought Pampered Chef from me) and I broke out so so so badly for an entire week I about died. As soon as I stopped wearing it, my face cleared up and healed. So I didn't put anything on my face last night. But I did buy their makeup brush set and the Satin Lips Mask and Balm Set. I already have the original (not the peach) Satin Hands set, someone bought it for me as a gift, although I can't remember who or when (bad bad Meagan!)

I want to try the timewise moisturizers. I currently use aveeno or almay, because they are all natural and don't make me break out. I have a dermatologist appointment on Friday (tomorrow) for my messed up skin (hormones!) and I will ask her there what she thinks of their products. I am afraid that there will be something similar in their formula as to what is in their foundation. I don't want to break out worse. But I did try some timewise on my arm and I was pleased. I don't like the daytime moisture because it smells bad (it's the sunscreen they tell me) but I wear moisturizer with sunscreen right now and it smells fine, very clean and natural. I hate moisturizers that have a smell, especially something floral, because they make me break out. So depending on what the dermatologist says, I am considering Getting the Timewise Moisturizer and the Timewise Night Solution to try.

I was a little upset at the party because I really just wanted blush. That was my goal. But when you buy the blush ($10!) you have to buy the compact to put it in, or you just have this loose little thing of blush with no lid. They were trying to promote their big compact to me, but it was like $62.50 and I am like "how am I gonna spend $62.50 on a compact just because I want blush?" and then after I had placed my order I saw in her basket of goodies that there was a SMALL COMPACT that costs $8 that you can put blush or eyeshadow in. And I was likewhy would they not tell me that? What the hell? So anyway, no blush for me. They could have totally made a sale but they screwed it up. And instead of giving me the prices of just the compact, they would give me the prices of the compact completely filled. And I was like ALL I WANT IS BLUSH! Well then they had this cool pink and black travel rollup bag, that EVERYONE coveted, and of course you can't GET it unless you spend like $200 in a special set of makeup or skin care, OR If you have a $200 party with 1 booking. Fuck that, right? So I get on eBay today, There's like 8 of them, all at $12-20. Yeah. So that's how I will be getting my travel rollup bag. Resourceful.

It's party fever up in here. Last month I got invited to a Tupperware Party and TWO Longaberger Parties. This month I got invited to a Tupperware Party, a Mary Kay Party, a Home and Garden Party, a Lingerie Party, AND I am hosting a Girls' Night Out Party that I have had planned for like 6 months. AND all of those parties occur between November 1st and November 16th. Now tell me, how does one purchase from all of those parties and still have money for Christmas presents.... and Husband and I each have birthdays in November, and are hosting Thanksgiving, so that's an expense also. Whew! It's just not right! I think I am going to have to decline the Home and Garden Party, and the Lingerie Party. I will attend Anya's Tupperware (I know what I want) and I already attended the Mary Kay.... so that will make things bearable. And my party should deliver free goodies to me... but what I have to worry about is buying food and drinks, plus it is Technology in Healthcare week next week so I have to make 3 dozen cookies.... PLUS I have bills to pay. Jeez! Luckily I bought all of husband's birthday presents early this year.... that should help since I have that out of the way. But I am feeling like my head is in a vice to try to stretch all the cash out to cover bills.... especially when we have TWO $85 license plate renewals due the end of November. Plus out house insurance policy just got renewed, PLUS I just mailed a check for car insurance. Does it EVER End? Good LORD that's alot of money!

So I can't wait for the weekend. First of all, I have to balance checkbooks again. And I have swaps to work on AND I have lots of picking up to do around home and lots of laundry. We think Boyd's Colon Polyp is back, and both dogs need their nails trimmed (we can't do Hadley's, it takes three people to hold him down.) So I need to see when amongst all these expenses we can schedule a vet appointment that we can actually PAY for. Someone needs to take down the halloween decorations. Someone needs to move the treadmill. Someone needs to get that damn table our of my kitchen. Someone needs to carry totes of decorations back to the attic. Someone needs to clean my closet and husband's too. Luckily someone has tomorrow off, but unfortunately someone also has a dermatologist appointment AND a dentist appointment to get a cleaning and xrays of the potentially impacted wisdom tooth. It's like I have "no plans" for the weekend, but I couldn't BE any more busier!

You might not hear much from me. So go visit my renter the Rock Bitch over at Clusterfook. She's worth a few looks!

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Michelle said...

I'm here and NO, "someone" isn't boring me! I'm hearin' ya on all the cash exiting the pocketbook, WTF?! It's not fun growing up and being a big girl. Oh well, life must go on ... Keep writing, keep entertaining me!

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