Thursday, November 16, 2006

Firefox 2 causes heart attacks all over the nation.

Holy Cow. Welcome to Firefox 2. Your Bookmarks are gone, your extensions don't work, and your stored passwords are missing. Um. Yeah. That pissed me off. I am a mozilla cheerleader, but I am sorry, that's a total disaster. It sucked royally when Firefox automatically updated itself yesterday and WIPED out everything, including my bookmarks, bookmarks toolbar, and all of my tabs that open on startup. Yeah. Freaked.

So Today I researched and see that this is a normal occurance (bug) and that If I uninstall and reinstall Firefox, the problem will be fixed. it wasn't. So Then I read all their information about how your bookmarks are backed up daily in a backup.html file in your profile. Luckily I hadn't waited too long and I found my backup. I imported the bookmarks, only to have my toolbar not show up because I had TWO Bookmarks toolbar folders, one created by firefox install and one from the old bookmarks.html file. So I had to COPY all of the bookmarks into the default one so that they would show up on my toolbar, because I couldn't DELETE or rename the default one since it was the "default." Um yeah. Luckily my passwords came back once I tried to get into my options. I was about to have a heart attack. Then I went into the extension Manager and found that Foxy Tunes, Colorful Tabs, IE Tabs, Greasemonkey, etc. all did not work with Firefox 2.0, so I had Firefox search for updates, all of which were found and installed quickly and smoothly. Whew. Now I just need to figure out how to get my memorized tabs back so that when I launch, I get the correct tabs opening.

That was a serious lot of bugs and inconveniences for one little Firefox update. Sorry Mozilla, but thumbs down for that!


Michelle said...

definitely thumbs down. I'm not as brilliant as you, so I am still missing my bookmarks. GRRR

Tracy said...

Weird. I never lost a thing on mine when I upgraded.

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