Friday, November 24, 2006

Happy Birthday To Me!

Well, Today is my Birthday. I am 28. It doesn't feel a whole lot like my birthday. I am not working today, but besides that I have absolutely no plans. That's okay. Last night we hosted Thanksgiving. There were 8 people here, we had a wonderful time. Husband and I seemed to iron out the issues around noon yesterday, and then the day just got better as it went on. We deep fried our first turkey and ham, and they were delicious. Injecting the Turkey was fun, we made our own secret Johnson Family Recipe Marinade (lol) and plumped up the turkey all over. It was fun. We didn't exactly eat "on schedule" but we didn't have enough oil to do the turkey and ham at the same time, so we did the turkey first, and then while I carved it, they did the ham. We had lots of appetizers and lots of wine, so the time went by pretty fast. The house looked really nice, and it was just an all around good time. Last night we also celebrated Evan's and My birthday, his is next Thursday.

We got to open some presents. Evan got Guitar Hero II with the Red Electric Guitar for PS2 from Mom. We already have Guitar Hero I with the Black Electric Guitar, but this has all new songs. It was awesome. He also got Cranium from my sister, which was what I wanted but she was sneaky and bought it for him. She got me Trivial Pursuit Totally 80's! LOL. Mom got me lots of cool stuff I got tons of dark socks (yeah!) and two pair of those REALLY fuzzy and soft eyelash yarn socks in pink. Yippee! I had one pair and I wash them every other day and wear them at night around home. I also got two i-kandee chalk sets for Scrapbooking, a Christmas Decoration Sign, a Moose Bell for my Christmas Bell Collection, and Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 for my laptop (oohhh!) And she made me a copy of Huey Lewis and the News "Time Flies... The Best of" which I love! And some little tiny clear stackable containers with lids that I can use for scrapbook or beading supplies. Evan got me my pink peacoat that I have been wearing since the end of September.

So after opening gifts, we had my "blue ribbon winning" Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars, and grandma Marie brought an ice cream cake too, and homemade chocolate truffles (which were delicious! She did awesome!) Then we went outside to play because dad brought over his monster truck at our insistence. We played till we ran the batteries dead. Then we came in and cranked up the guitar hero, even my mom and dad played! I had never played before, Content to watch Evan. I sat down to try, and was very upset to realize that I play guitar left handed (I had to have my acoustic guitar specially made for me by Schecter's Daisy Rock Collection and shipped from overseas.) and this guitar is RIGHT HANDED. So I tried flipping it upide down, but then the keys on the screen are backwards, and I had a hell of a time flipping it around in my mind fast enough. I just couldn't do it! We need to investigate to see if you can flip it around on the game settings for lefties. If you can't, that would totally suck ass. I never even thought of that! So just before 1am, everyone was gone, and I sat on the couch with Evan while he kicked ass at the game and unlocked new song after new song. But before 2:30 I couldnt't keep my eyes open so I went to bed.

Today I have everything pretty much back to normal, all the big tables taken down, and the dining room back to the way it should be, which won't last long considering tomorrow I want to put up the Christmas Tree. I have run the dishwasher twice and all the dishes are done from the meal, except the wine glasses and stoneware that I have to handwash. I have decided today to concentrate on importing CDs into iTunes. I am anticipating the 8Gig Nano that Evan bought me for Christmas. I previously only had the 1gig shuffle, and since there's no screen, I was really picky as to what I put in my itunes. Now I am going to put my whole CD Collection, even older stuff like the Fugees and Bush, into the computer and I can have it ALL on my iPod and listed to whatever I want because I can search by artist, song, genre, etc. So this afternoon I have set down on the couch with about 1000 CD's in an attempt to make a dent in uploading (seriously, that number is no exxageration.) and I have considered taking a shower, but instead opted to do a little blogging in my pink long johns and eventually to probably watch TIVO (Big Grey's Anatomy!) while importing CD's. Whew!

I am also importing Album Art for my iTunes album, but that is the flakiest thing! I just imported Lidacris new CD "release therapy" and it's IN the iTunes Music Store, but it won't pick up the album art. I even tried to drag and drop the album cover into iTunes as it tells me to, and it won't take. Hell-o! That's a brand new CD! Yet you will find the album cover for Ray Parker's Greatest Hits to go with my "Ghostbusters" Theme song? Apple needs to get a clue with this and get the bugs kinked out. People on iTunes message boards re having a cow over the buggy flaky album cover feature. Oh well. All things come with time, right?

This weekend we have a birthday party for my Uncle (a surprise!) and another Thanksgiving. Otherwise it's iTunes importing and Christmas Decorations for me!

Thanksgiving Pictures! Check them out!

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Michelle said...

Happy Birthday to you (a tad late)!

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