Sunday, November 05, 2006

They Make You Feel So Good!

Could that have been the best episode of Desperate Housewives EVER? I don't know!? It was awesome. I can't believe she shot Nora like that, and I am glad that Lynette is okay.... but my favorite part? Susan's daughter Julie falling into the arms of the bad boy. Of course, she has been disgusted by him, however hot he may be, and avoiding him at all costs. We all knew it was a matter of time. While folding laundry it brought me to the conclusion that the best advice I could give any woman? Sleep with the bad boy. At least once. I don't really mean sleep with him just once. I mean sleep with him LOTS and LOTS of times. Have at least one bad boy in your life. Hang on for the ride, and enjoy it while it lasts. Chances are it won't last long. Unless you get really lucky and (like me) seem to have something that tames the bad boy and you get lucky enough to have him fall madly in love with you and marry you. Then you can make bad babies. LOL.

What is it about the bad boy anyway? When I give my sister advice I always tell her to find a good older guy, one who will love her and take care of her and not screw her over. But I didn't follow that advice myself, not even once, so sometimes it makes me laugh that it even comes out of my mouth. I mean obviously the bad boy is hot. Completely hot. You want to conquer him and you want him to want you. But looking beyond the obvious HOT factor... it's because he is STRONG. Natural selection. Women want to mate with the men who will protect, defend, and take care of them, and their potential families. They want a bread winner. A fighter. Someone tough and rugged. Generally the math club type isn't going to throw you down on the bed and rip your shirt off, but even more likely is that he won't fight for your honor (even when you don't WANT him to) and protect you in a scary sitaution.

And even in the beginning of our 10 year relationship, when we were 16 and 17, when I didn't trust my husband 100%, I knew that he would protect me 100%, and he repeatedly stood up for me in situations when I never expected him to. I felt a similar security with him that I had felt with my own dad, in almost every situation. I knew that he would protect me. In my mind I have given my husband super-human qualities of protection, that I should KNOW he can't posess, but he loves me so much that I know he would protect me in any way that he could. And that's hot. On top of just BEING hot, it's his masculine, protective ways that are hot. Double whammy. Oh I am so in love.

And I can't wait for Julie to get it on with the bad boy. Mom doesn't approve? That makes it all the sweeter.

Remember your bad boy? Chances are he is the one you wish you could forget?

Oh and as long as we are on the subject of things that are hot, CB knows that my favorite thing on a man? His JAW. I love a strong jaw. Chiseled Chins. Stubble. Chin Hair. Proof? Hot bad boys with angular strong chins are at the top of my list. Example? Matthew McConaughey, Patrick Swayze, Mark Wahlberg, Eric Balfour, Heath Ledger... you get the point.

It's all in the jawline.

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