Monday, November 20, 2006

Damm it

Well, the washing machine quit working. That sucks ass. It's just over 3 years old. It's a Kenmore. I tell you, they just don't make washers like they used to. My mom had the same washer for like 15 years, and we can't get one to last more than 5 or 6. I guess that the moral of my story is that you should buy the fucking extended warranty. Bastards! So now I ALSO find out that EVEN IF the warranty is up, and I might have warranty on the motor, (don't know, phone lady couldn't tell me) then I STILL have to pay for the service fee ($65) and the labor. So even if it WAS under warranty, all they cover is the PART that goes bad, not the labor or the trip. What the hell?

So I made a $65 appointment for Wednesday. But I have to consider calling my dad and having him come over to look at it before then. I dunno. Damn washers. Probably cheaper to buy a new one. WITH A LONGER WARRANTY. With all the washers we have added up so far I could have had a damn neptune. In this house 6 years and on our second washer AND dryer. Jeez.

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