Friday, November 17, 2006


This morning when I woke up, I could think of a BAZILLION things I would rather do today than go to work. A BAZILLION. With Turkey Day coming up, and my birthday, I really am glad that I will have this weekend, then just two more days of work, then 5 days off work. Ahhh. I love Thanksgiving.

So I have been slacking at telling you what's up. Went to Anya's Tupperware Party on Wednesday, and Ava CRAWLED! Right there in front of all of us! I kept setting her up on her knees, because she keeps getting so close to moving.... and Bobbi had all the good stuff that Ava wanted and she put it across the room, so that Ava would have to "go to it" and she did it! Anya was upstairs and we were Screaming for her to get downstairs to see Ava. Anya was so excited. It was awesome to be there for that.

Last night I had a pedicure. Which was awesome. And necessary. It was relaxing. And my toes needed a paint job. And they just seem SO far away lately. So it was a nice evening. I got OPI's new 25th Anniversary color "Who Makes Up These Names?" (bottle at left) on my toes and I eyeballed a neat sparkly deep red for Christmas time. Similar to "O'Hare and Nails Look Great" but more sparkly. Called "It's a Doozi, Says Suzy." (bottle at right.) Guess I will have to get a December pedicure. LOL.

I have been reading "The Thirteenth Tale" and it is a good book. I am enjoying it. Although I have to say that it's hard for any book to follow "New Moon" and "Twilight" By Stephanie Meyer. Edward Cullen just has my votes through and through. But Diane Setterfield is keeping my interest in this book, and it's a good one... it sorta puts me in mind of the drama that accompanies a V.C. Andrews book, but an A.D. book. Not one actually written by V.C. Andrews, not even close, but more of in a way of dramatic without being terribly graphic and cruel. It's good. I think it's supposed to be mysterious. I get that. But it's no DaVinci Code. I am just over 3/4 of the way through. For the way it's being pimped by bookstores, book clubs, and the like, it must have an awesome ending. So I am waiting. The book's website calls it "gothic" and I am sorta okay with that. But it doesn't seem nearly as dark as I think it's trying to be. Maybe that's because I am desensitized by books like VC Andrews (her OWN books) and historical fiction like the Linnet Bird and Memoirs of Helen of Troy. I was also shocked to see a pleasant review by Kate Mosse, the author of Labyrinth, which I also read recently. That book is dubbed "the female DaVinci Code" and while it was good, I wasn't DYING to read it or DYING to get through it. I just read it. I was pleased. It was over. I moved on. And this book kinda feels the same.

I did watch Grey's Anatomy last night, and it looks like they will be killing off George's dad in the interest of revealing Burke's "deep dark" secret. Interesting. I am most disappointed that Men in Trees isn't on this week, in favor of Barbara Walters. Ugh. Really. Is there EVEN a contest there? But next week, Men in Trees is after Grey's Anatomy, which I think is an AWESOME move, and I betcha that there will be LOTS more Men In Trees fans within a few weeks. I haven't watched the Tivo'd OC episode yet. I have to say that I am really sick of Ryan all upset over Marissa. I was so sick of Marissa on the show, I was glad to see her go. And really, if he loved her SO much he wouldn't have been breaking up with her over and over. Whatever.

In the real world, hmmm. Nothing is happening. Regular week. Regular day. Had an awesome scary and vivid dream last night. My friend Brandon (who now lives in the suburbs and is expecting a baby with his wife Ryane) was somehow in it. I haven't seen him much, but I did see him for about 10 minutes at the bar the night that Anya and I had just got out of the hot tub and the whole town was abuzz with the suicidal guy who was missing. I got a big hug from him but we didn't get to talk much. He looks good.

So anyway, in the dream, we were like "back" a few years, 5 or 6 maybe. I was at a party and ran into Brandon. I had been waiting for Angela to call (story of my life, Ha ha) and she didn't, so I told Brandon and he was like "let's go find her" and so we got into his Bronco (hence the 5-6 years ago) and started driving. I was calling her on her cell phone and no answer and I said "maybe she never left Chicago" (ala class reunion style Angela) and he said "I know where to find her."

Now you have to know, that Angela is a botanist and ecologist. She has always been the animal and wildlife lover, and has been an ecosystem cheerleader. If a rainforest is in danger... she knows about it, and she has a petition you can sign. She is fabulous, and one of my two very best friends in the whole world. Brandon, and Angela, and I have know each other our entire lives. So Brandon starts driving to all the conservation areas and wildlife preserves and parks that he can find. Then he takes off through a corn field and towards the canal. I am like "whoa. where are you going?" and he is like "I know where she is." and he starts to drive like his is going to drive ACROSS the aquaduct/viaduct and I am like NO FREAKIN WAY. and all holding on and yelling at him (I hate water. Hate hate hate. ) and then suddenly there is this drop off and below, there is flowing water that goes over what looks like a little dam of ice. The ice looks slushy, like you imagine it would with water running over it, and I am like "you are not. Stop right here." and he starts DRIVING ACROSS and Through the ice and open water. He's like "it's fine. I do it all the time. I have 4 wheel drive" and I am like "I don't like this. It's not a good idea. I don't want to DIE finding Angela." and so he keeps driving and the water gets deeper and the ice is slushier and I can feel the truck sinking a little each time. Then we get up on this "island" of ice. There is no running water over this ice. I finally feel safe. And there is a sign right in front of us that says something about not going any further (I can totally see the sign in my mind, white with red and black) And just when I am like "whew!" he guns it and goes past the sign.

And we start to sink. Fast. Into the ice and water. And I am like "We are Sinking!!" and he just looks at me and says "yeah, that sucks." and I am like GET THE HELL OUT OF MY WAY and I push open the sunroof (yeah, I know, in a Bronco?) and There is HUGE chunks of ice in the way and i am pushing them aside and the water is higher than the doors and over the windows and then over the roof. And I squeeze through the sunroof and I can feel the water and the suction pushing me DOWN and I am swimming and fighting and Pushing and trying to get to the surface and it seems like I am never going to get up and out of the ice and cold water and just when I think I am going to die, I feel the air.

Then I climb up on a block of ice and was safe, and looked down for Brandon and I could see him so I reached my hand down and grabbed his and started to pull and he got out too and we were standing on the big block of ice, a complete island with rushing cold water all around us and just FREEZING cold and wet and it was DARK and WINTER and our cell phones were gone and we STILL didn't know where Angela was and I was so upset and I just woke up in bed and it was dark and 6:30am and I padded to the bathroom to pee.

How's that for a vivid dream?

1. What is your nearest lake or river? (besides the one in my dream) Probably the Illinois River, although we are also about 45 minutes from the Mississippi. We are right between the two. Nearest REAL Lake? Lake Michigan.

2. Do you believe in heaven? Yes, because that's where dogs go. But I don't know about heaven for people, because how can it be heaven without all the people you love?

3. What's your lucky number? 17

4. Ever know anyone who appeared on a game show? Not that I know of. But I remember when I was a kid that my mom was in the audience of Donahue and that made me think she was famous!

5. Charades: good times or lame? I don't really like to play just charades, but I LOVE the game Cranium. It's like Win Lose or Draw meets Charades and there is Sculpting and drawing blindfolded and all kinds of good stuff. So If it's Cranium, where you have Charades but don't do JUST Charades I think Charades are cool.

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Michelle said...

dreams of drowning or falling in water are the absolute WORST! Those wake me with tears streaming down my face! Soooo excited about AVA! YAY! What a milestone! I bought my daughter a FP jumperoo yesterday and she LOVES it! She's 6 months old this weekend already. If I don't get a chance to get back on here before your b-day ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! Enjoy your turkey day too!

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