Monday, August 28, 2006

Cousin Dave's Drawing to Be in New York Times Tomorrow?!

Received an email this morning from Evan's cousin David in New Orleans. A drawing that he did of his house after Hurrican Katrina is slated to be in the New York Times tomorrow (Tuesday)
Straight from Dave:
Look in the OP-Ed pages...

I’m supposed to have one or two of my illustrations published there for a Katrina Anniversary piece,...(or so I’m told; you never know, it might not make the cutting room floor.) They also will be posted to the online edition of the NY Times.
Of course, not getting the New York Times here in this lil ol Illinois town, I am hoping that someone out there in the big city can look for it and send me a copy of the clipping. I will have to look around Princeton and see if you can buy the times anywhere here. I know we can get the Chicago papers, but I don't know about NYC.

I really hopes he makes it in there, Dave is totally cool, totally talented (artistically, and musically) and I would like to see the Katrina Anniversary Piece as it is.

Visit Dave or buy his music here. And as we have said before. Dave Kicks Ass. I was going to link to his blog(s) but it looks like he has been AWOL since sometime in June or July.

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Andrew said...

Hi Meagan,
I saw your comment over at Izzy's site about men doing housework being sexy. That's exactly the same type of comment left by several readers of this article over at To Love, Honor and Dismay. I thought you might enjoy it.

Have a great one!

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