Monday, August 07, 2006

Home Sweet Home

So, what did I accomplish this weekend? Besides eating everything in sight?

Friday night we went to the drawdown. Saturday I woke up early (for no apparent reason) and went to Peru, where I exchanged two topiaries at JC Penney for a total refund of $84.00 which I put towards our new dining room table and four chairs which was on sale in the JC Penney Catalog for $145.00 (really, no shit) and so it is being shipped to our house.

Then JC Penney had the 50% off bedding sale and the buy 1, Get 1 for $1.00 Bedding and Towel/Rug/Pillow Sale.... So I bought two King sized pillows for us, for $23.99, and got 2 Queen Sized pillows for mom for $1.00! We will split the cost and each get some cheap ass pillows.

Then I went to the Crafters Village and spent WAY too much money on Fall Decorations, some of which I can leave up all year round if I want, because out living room is fall colored. It was fabulous. When I got home, I put everything in it's new home, took some pictures (in the Flickr House Album, you can see what I bought) and then I vacuumed the living room, dining room, and tidied up the place a bit. I ran the dishwasher. I made the bed. Those types of things. Saturday morning I paid $22.00 to ship my August Rainbow Package to Canada. I have learned my lesson, I have to say, about keeping down the cost of Swap-Bot swaps. I am pretty sure that the swap itself cost me $50-75.00 and then the $22 shipping just put it way over the top. So Next time I need to be careful of how much I am spending. Luckily this time I got a great package in return, but if I got a crappy little package, and I sent out $75 worth of stuff, that would suck. Not to mention my time to make Kelly Skellington! So I am pleased as punch with my package and I hope the recipient loves it. I also mailed my Letter #3 swap, which was 5 pages handwritten.

Saturday's mail also brought a VERY Nice handwritten letter in response to my Letter #2 swap, which I sent to Kansas. I am in the process of writing back to Eva.

Saturday night we didn't get home till 4am Sunday, from Being out with Brad and Anya and Brandon. The boys went to a party and to some bars from about 11:30pm till about 3:30am, and Anya and I stayed at her house with Ava, and she taught me how to knit. Whew. I am finally getting fast at it, but I pull everything too tight, so after about 3 sets of stitches, I have to tear them out and start over because it's so tight you can't go any more... and at her house I literally broke the yarn (thick Chenille Yard that I was using with #13 needles) because I had it too tight.

Sunday I slept till 2pm. YES! Then I made lunch and ate, then I lay in bed and looked through my new Close to My Heart Catalog, while watching 9 to 5 with Dolly Parton. Then I laid in bed and watched BIG with Tom Hanks, and then I got dressed and went to Princeton, got some yarn, toilet paper, and lunchmeat at Wal-Mart. Last night I watched lots of TIVO'd TV while I practiced knitting more last night, started a new piece with #11 needles, practiced some with #8 needles, and then worked on crocheting on the 4 year purple blanket. Then I started to crochet a fuzzy green scarf, because I need to FINISH something, to get that satisfaction. The 4-year blanket is king sized, so it takes me almost an hour to get across it once and back again. Yep. SO figure that the blanket will have taken me 30 minutes per row by the time I ever finish, and then you will know why it's the 4-year blanket!

So that, was my weekend.

And this morning, the Fairfield Dollhouse Kit Arrived on my back porch. I can not wait! And it's yellow on the box, just like I want to paint it... but it's pretty pale, and I want mine to be brighter yellow.

Tonight I need to complete and mail my three "Radical 80's" ATC (Artist/Altered trading cards) for the ATC swap. I have millions of ideas and such, so I think I will actually be making more than 3. We will see!

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Haleigh Anne said...

I was looking for your email address but can't find it right now. I have to tell you THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for posting about the JCPenney sale! My husband and I are in an apartment and don't want to spend a lot of money on furniture that probably won't fit in the some-day-we-will-have-a-house house. We are purchasing the DEAL table you posted here. Also, we NEVER agree on home furnishing...but, whatever reason, he liked this one!

You have made my day. THANK YOU!!!

dazed said...

Can't wait for them to arrive, I hope we both love them to death! Yeah!!!!

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