Monday, August 21, 2006

Vacation Day!

So, since today is my day off, I want you to go check out my new renter, Stir Fry Kitty.

I am off work today. I woke up first at 8:30am. I had one of those dreams that just puts a big 'ol smile on your face. When I woke up I was grinning from ear to ear, and then I was like "oh damn. real life." So I went back to sleep till 11am. But the dream was fun while it lasted, was it EVER!

I am cleaning and doing laundry right now. Last night I went to Wal-mart and I got three new pair of jeans, one size smaller. Yeah! I saw that they had Levi's on sale for $15 each, and they are usually $20, so I grabbed three pair, and after I tried them on, I saw that only one stonewash was $15 and the rest were $20. I was like "what's the difference?" Then when I got to the checkout, it seemed like some of them must have rung up for $15, cuz the total was so low. When I checked my receipt at home, I saw that two pair rang up for $19.98 and the $15.00 pair rang up for... Get this THREE FREAKING DOLLARS! swEEt! So great deal eh?

Then I went to my parents and we sat outside and all that and we had a big bonfire and cooked hot dogs, grilled cheese pies, and cherry pies on the fire, with smores too. Oh and sweet corn. It was delicious! I was there till about 10:30pm, and today was mom's first day back to work at the school after her summer break, and Liz's first day of vacation... so I came home and took a bath and watched Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, because I am reading Ya-Yas in Bloom by Rebecca Wells and I wanted to be refreshed of the first book without having to re-read it. The movie did the trick. So I went to bed at about 3am.

Now I have to get back to cleaning. So check out Stir Fry Kitty and my flickr photos from the wedding on Saturday and from the bonfire last night.

P.S. I have lost 24 pounds so far. Go South Beach!

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michelle said...

Congrats on the phenominal weight loss! You rock!

Mon said...

Congrats on 24 lbs!!! That's like 5 bags of sugar! Or...3 gallons of milk! (see how I compare everything to food?) That is awesome though! I'm trying too....struglling I should say!

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