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Many of you have probably noticed that the IE template is fixed. Special Thanks to Nello at Nello Designs, who I still have to pay, (sorry nello! I have to wait till my next paycheck, but maybe I can send you some business because you do awesome designs! AND you fixed my template! YAY!)

It seems I had lots of cash about a week ago, but now, I am Broke-a-licious. Bills Bills Bills! On top of normal bills, I have a car insurance installment and airline tickets to pay for this week. Ugh. I had all kinds of money, and then I looked at the checking accounts online today and I was like EEeeeeekkk! transfer, transfer, transfer, sell posessions, transfer. Jeez! It's like everything that hasn't cleared all came through today. Damn! Apparently I need to balance the account. (slacker. Irresponsible checking account holder.)

I have gotten invitations to a Longaberger Open House and TWO Stampin Up Shows, all three on the same day. And I can't go to any of them, I have a wedding to attend and I have NOOOOOO cash to spend. Whatever I can scrape together needs to go with me on vacation, so that I can at least eat.

I am normally like way vacation prepared, but this time I have barely even thought about it. There has been so much going on! Suddenly it seems like everyone wants something again, and I want things too. Take a Number! I did just realize that I won't be back in time for the September PCUG meeting. I haven't even LOOKED at the calendar much.

Like this week, I totally have alot to accomplish. I have been very busy at work (my undisclosed employer in an undisclosed location) and have been working on a seriously large and important Website Design that is taking up loads of my time. There have been things going on for me at home too, I am trying to keep up with the dog hair that seems to be choking us, and dishes and laundry too. Plus I am working on ATC's, 31 to complete by the end of the month, and Handwritten Letter Swaps. I have books to read, recipes to try, rooms to clean, and some serious weed (not the kind you smoke, but the kind you pull) issues in our yard. I have tomatoes that I haven't been able to pick, let alone CAN, and I am starting to feel overwhelmed this week.

I come home each night and have like 5 messages on the answering machine. What's frustrating to me is that people are "vague" and they say "call me back" but no details, no reasons why. I am like thinking "Cant' you just TELL me on the answering machine?" or how about "can't you just send me an e-mail??" People should know by now that I respond very quickly to email and not so quickly to voicemails. I got a call from a friend last Wednesday. Well, I went straight from work Wednesday to Peru with my husband to celebrate our anniversary, we didn't get home till after 10:30pm. I wasn't about to call her back at 10:30pm. Then Thursday I was gone all night, and Friday I got out of work early and went straight to a scrapbook night and didn't get home till 11pm. Saturday I was gone all day to a scrapbook day and then went out to eat that night and didn't get home till 2:30am. It's like "when do I have time to return these phone calls?" On my cell phone when I am driving is about all, but I don't want to be all rushed and distracted while I am driving. I need to breathe sometime, right?

I had another lady who wanted me to make some stickers/badges for her. She asked me like a month ago. But didn't get me the materials until last week. I said "what's your deadline?" and she said "by the end of the week" and I had to tell her "I'm sorry, I won't have time to touch this until over the weekend or the beginning of next week, I have commitments every night this week and most of the weekend." and she probably thought I was lying, but I wasn't. And she decided to have someone else do it and I am glad because I wouldn't have had time over the weekend either. And this week is already looking like I have plenty to do.... so I would have been rushing around to get it all done for her.

Thank God for blogging, it's like a relax and release for me. I find that more and more local people are finding my blog. Scary. Exciting. I almost feel like I should censor myself or something, but I am not going to. If I want to talk about how Taco Bell in Princeton shorts me 1 piece of my taco salad EVERY FUCKING TIME I go there, I will. If I want to talk about how Culver's employees can not consistently count the ranch dressing that they give you with your Cashew Chicken Salad, I will. If I want to talk about how I ordered adhesives from the Printer's Box but they are MIA, I still will. This is a real blog. Let's keep it that way.

That said, my weekend was nice. I went to Wal-Mart last night and spent a lil cash that I didn't have much of a choice about, We needed Bread and Milk and Tostidos and Salsa. (need!) and so now I am like (Metropolis of Sam, please lose the check, please lose the check.) Kidding. Kidding. (sorta)

I need to make a payment on our wedding loan but I just had to make two payments on our furniture and a big payment on our car insurance, so that will have to wait. I appreciate having a local bank, and although I am sure they want to kick me frequently, I know that they understand when I have to make a late payment. They don't like it, but they still understand.

I need to work on and start finish the website for the Manlius Historical Society, because I can't hardly believe that it's been a year since I told them I would make one for them, but at the time I told them "I am planning a wedding, remodeling the house, it will be a while" and now it's been TOO long of a while, and I could REALLY use the cash. So. Nose to the grindstone lady!

Since I have a wedding to attend this weekend, and vacation up and coming, I planned on getting my hair done, I need a trim and a color, it's driving me bonkers. Of course, that means that I have to pull $97.00 out of my ass by Thursday. Yeah. "Get a haircut and get a real job!"

We need shades for our bedroom windows, I have been putting it off since we remodeled, but it's really getting annoying.... with the street lights and sun shining in there alternately, but now that I have them picked out, I have to PAY for them. Ugh. I can't wait to have all my loans paid off so I don't feel so stressed.

The weather has been so nice lately, very cool and sunny. We have had rain too, but the cooler weather has really made a difference. Today the cleaning people came (another thing to pay for) and tonight we will put together the dining room table and chairs that we got for super cheap on clearance (another reason I am broke.)

Okay, let's see if I can write two sentences without mentioning money.

Hmmm. Hmmm. We got invited to Rip's this Thursday but I don't know that we can go because I am getting my hair done (and we probably don't have money, damn it!) but this week I hopefully will get to see my mom at least one night, since she and dad just got back from a little vacation to Door County Wisconsin.... and I will be going on vacation before too long.

Last night I bought Zucchini to make Chocolate Zucchini Cake for Evan (I should NOT Eat any!) and I have lots of green and purple peppers to cut up so I can eat them with Hummus. They certainly smell peppery.

And tonight I want to hang a light in the spare bedroom that we have had since February. So- assemble table, hang moon light, cut up peppers, make Chocolate Zucchini cake... do laundry.

I have 12 "Favorite Song" ATC's made, and 3 "Ocean" theme ATC's, all accomplished this weekend. That leaves 9 "Woman" theme ATC's and 4 "Something Sparkly" ATC's and I will have them all done. I made 3 extra Favorite Song ATC's and will probably use them for the "random" ATC Swap.

I did send out my Radical 80's ATC's but haven't heard if she has received them and me partner hasn't sent mine that I am aware of, she emailed to say she was having a trouble finding inspiration. I had so much inspiration I could have made 50 ATC's. It worries me a bit that the cards won't be fab. But I have gotten her name for another swap.... so I do hope I get her 80's cards soon :)

This morning I received my Letter #3 handwritten letter but I set it down and forgot to read it, so I will have to go back to it later. I was too frantic this morning trying to get everything picked up last minute for the cleaning people so it wouldn't be a terrible mess.

On a side note, I was looking online to find my cleaning people's website. The link I thought I had didn't work so I was going to google them. And when I googled them, I found's page for singles in my area. I could not BELIEVE the people that I know that are on that site!! People I grew up with, went to school with my whole life, MY OWN COUSIN and people's brothers and sisters, I was like WHOA! I had to crack up a bit. No disrespect. But it was funny. I am SOOOOO glad I am not single!

Well, enough babbling for me. Have a lovely Monday.

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