Wednesday, August 30, 2006

To Hell with Tradition!

Andrew left me a comment to check out this article, based on a comment that I had left over at Izzy's place...

I have always thought that my husband is the sexiest he can be when he is helping around the house. Whether it be carrying the laundry, doing dishes, or working in the yard. It brings about an attraction and appreciation that is overwhelming to me.

This article is amazing and EVERY wife, mother, husband, and significant other should read it.


Mon said...

Hell, I found a new favorite site! There is a lot of good stories on there! Thanks!

Haleigh Anne said...

"You might even find that doing the dishes proves to be a highly effective form of foreplay." AMEN! Great article!!

Andrew said...

Hey, this is great! I really appreciate all the positive feedback. Thanks!

Now did you check out the follow-up article?

All the best!

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