Thursday, August 03, 2006

Wednesday Night

Last Night, Evan helped me paint tha last 1/4 of the sewing room in the basement. I am so pleased as punch at the results! Yeah!

Tonight will be "swap*bot" night as I have to sew my skeleton, the coffin lining, and some clothes for her... and get the rest of my August Rainbow swap ready to go. I also have two Letter Swaps handwritten already, but need to decorate them and the envelopes, address them and get them ready to send. Then this weekend I have to work on my 3 "radical 80's" ATC's for a swap due to be sent Monday. So I have lots of crafty stuff to do! I also need to pick out the color of yellow paint I want for my dollhouse, I have all my paint samples and I just need to research a little more to make sure that I get the correct color.

When I get home from work tonight, We will move everything back where it goes in the sewing room, and then over the weekend hopefully I can organize and post some pictures.

This morning at about 3am, icky storms came through Wyanet. The wind was pretty strong and it woke me up, and By the time I got out of bed, it was scary. There was lots of lightning. Evan was watching TV and I walked out and he looked outside and said "Wow it's getting pretty bad" and then after about two minutes of looking outside, he said "You'd better get the dogs, let's go to the basement." Evan is like my dad, he grew up standing outside looking at the storms and isn't scared, so when he says "go to the basement" I know that it is icky. Just like my dad!

The weather radio wasn't going off, and I don't think the town sirens did, and even when they do you can't hear them on our side of town when it's calm, let alone when it's windy. The dogs were on the porch and they were whining and scratching at the baby gate, the storm had woke them up too and they were not happy. We went to the basement with pillows and blankets. Boyd of course went right down the stairs, but Hadley hates stairs so he balked and wouldn't go down. I had to drag him by the collar. I was sure he would pee on the stairs he was so scared, he was like Bambi on ice. So when we get to the basement, Evan put the futon mattress on the floor (we keep it around just for these occasions... we take it camping and spread it in the tent and we use it during storms. Several times I have been in the basement, in the sewing room, under a banquet table, on the futon mattress with blankets, flashlights, and dogs.

Well, the second the mattress got on the floor, Boyd lay right down on it (he's conditioned, he knows the drill) and Hadley followed him, and promptly peed all over the mattress. So much for the emergency Futon mattress, eh? Looks like it's going in the garbage. Bummer.

So once the wind died down we went upstairs and went outside and looked around. We could see little branches and twigs and leaves everywhere, but it looked like everything was intact. Of course We didn't see the rest of North Street until this morning, and it was the worst hit that I could tell. Neighbors down the street had large limbs down, two neighbors on our side of the street had entire trees down. One house had no power, it looked like the tree came down on the line that feeds the power from the pole into the house, there were Elmore Electric Vans Everywhere, and brandches, trees, leaves covering their entire yard. It was crazy.

And the weather radio and sirens never went off.... thunderstorms with straightline winds. The wind was so strong I thought it was going to break the windows on the west side of the house. When we got back upstairs, the weather radio went off with warnings for the county north of us, and sever weather in Walnut, but never once mentioned us. Strange. I wonder if we weren't an isolated area along the front, because mom and dad slept right through it, and there was no way you could sleep through that- It woke up me, and the dogs, and Evan, all in three seperate rooms.

So after being awake for about 40 minutes, it was hard to get back to sleep, and then Evan came into bed and he is sunburnt (yeah, remember that day that it was 115 heat index? He was on a ROOF and then swimming. Shirtless with no sunscreen. What an idiot.) so he was tossing and turning and moaning and groaning. Ugh.

Lovely night.

At least the sewing room is painted!

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Michelle said...

Scary! We had your storms this morning around 8am but not nearly as bad as you had it.

I joined swap-bot too, it seems like a lot of fun. I've only joined one swap so far - the ribbon one, can't wait!

dazed said...

I joined the ribbon one too, but dropped out because I had so many swaps to get done that I was running out of cash! Hope to see you out there sometime!

Anonymous said...

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