Tuesday, August 22, 2006


I have been working on my 2006 Birthday and Christmas List this week. I can find most things on Froogle, but i do get upset when a certain website, like Country Door, isn't indexing or available through Froogle. I am very happy that I can easily find products on LL Bean, Pottery Barn Kids, and Eddit Bauer. But I hate the was JC Penney does their items. I will find the item, link to it through my google list, and then 1 month later the link goes nowhere and JC Penney says "this product is no longer available" - But if you put the item number or the item description in the JC Penney search box, it shows up immediately. Duh. It's like they move their shit around too much or something. I don't get it.

Speaking of JC Penney. Still no news on the cracked dining room table. Bastards. All I can say is that if all this waiting results in a replacement, I will be okay with it. But if it doesn't, and I have to return the whole set, I will be pissed.

If you are in the Princeton area, the PJWC baby contest just started, and Ava is entered. there are voting cans at Amcore Bank, and they will move onto Union Bank and then Citizens' First National Bank. 1 penny = 1 vote, so $1 is 100 votes. I can't believe the people whose kids are in the contest.

I personally, vow to never enter my kids in a contest where money determines the winner. It's ridiculous really. Like Sheffield Homecoming Queen. Ridiculous. Whoever's family decides to fork over the most cash, is definately the winner. It happens every year. So and so's grandma goes over and puts $200 in the jar so that her granddaughter can win. If you know me, you know I am pretty anti-pageant. But if there is talent and personality involved, and those things along with beauty contribute to the winning, than it isn't so bad. But when it's all about cash or sex, it's like, why is this happening.

Not that I am against Ava being in the contest, or that I don't support her. Of course I hope she beats the diapers off all the other babies. But seriously, I don't support money as a means of choosing a winner. And of course my ex's youngest baby is in the contest now too. They certainly won't win based on money, I don't see two high school dropouts living happily ever after having a bunch of cash. So if their baby wins, it must be because she is damn cute. What shocked me, was when the movie The Exorcism of Emily Rose came out, the same exact time as she was born, that's what they decided to name the baby. First AND middle name. Um. Yeah. Kinda like calling your baby Damien, isn't it? or perhaps Freddy Kruger? Poor lil girl. But her mommy was once Sheffield Homecoming Queen, so maybe there is some drug money behind them after all?

Okay, enough. I have to stop that. I don't ever intend on blogging badly about those who can't turn on a computer, I mean read, I mean defend themselves.... so I don't plan on starting now. I don't want my tires slashed, a brick through my window, or god forbid all my meth cooked with poor-quality ingredients. (kidding, I don't do drugs.) That's just my bitter feelings getting in the way. It's too bad that relationships have to end badly, but like Tom Cruise, Scientologist Extraordinairre, so wisely says in Cocktail "All things end badly or else they wouldn't end." And even though it was a shitty ending, it is one thing that I am glad is OVER. And honestly, I wish their little family the best of happiness, and I hope that I am making enough to keep the welfare system going so that happens for them.

Whoa. What has gotten into me today? Snarky! Something tells me this will come back to get me. Maybe I should delete it now? I totally need to look into that "you have to login to see this post" thing. Can we do that on blogger? Hmm. After some reading up, I see that blogger is switching to google. So I could essentially allow only certain google users to view the blog. However, I can't control it on a post by post basis. Hopefully soon.

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Michelle said...

Love the snarkiness ... too funny!

Desiree said...

I totally agree about the Sheffield Homecoming Queen thing. I even went so far as to ask that it be an actual pageant- with talent, speech, evening dress portions along with the money aspect, each weighing 1/4 into the final results. Okay, I've obviously thought way too much about this. Working in the court system, I feel so good knowing I'm making enough to support all those high school drop outs who have three (plus) children while I know I cannot support one child at this point. Ah! They make me so mad. Keep up the good blogging. (By the way, I have no idea who you were blogging about, and I lived in the town.)

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