Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Happy Anniversary

Whew!~ I have been soooo busy! I haven't had a second even to blog! Isn't that crazy? Today is our 1 year anniversary! Yeah! 10 years together this October and 1 year of marriage today, August 9th, 2006. I slept for a good 11 hours last night, I was sooo tired from getting up and going to work 2.5 hours early yesterday. I was too exhausted to even make my card class last night :(

Last week Evan asked me what I wanted for our anniversary, and I said "nothing, I want a good husband so please just mow the yard." But this morning I had a nice little gift on the stove with a note. His paycheck to deposit (yay!!) and a Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow Action Figure! Yay! Now I have to say that it's cool, but I wish it were a bigger action hero, like a Spawn or McFarlane Toys size, like my Janice Joplin figure, because they did a horrible job with his face, he doesn't even look like Johnny. So if he were larger, there would be more room for detail, and if it was by McFarlane Toys, everyone knows it would totally kick ass with the detail and likeness of Johnny. Two weeks ago he brought me home the Rolling Stone with Johnny on the Cover. And I did love me that article and photo shoot inside. Loved it!

So tonight I had scheduled a 1 hour massage for myself, I am trying now to get one once a month, as preventative maintenance, to help with back pain and neck strain and other stress related health issues.... and I didn't realize that I had schedule it on our anniversary, I just said "next Wednesday?" and that was all. So a couple of days ago I called Evan and said "What are we going to do on our anniversary, I need to change my massage appointment" and he said "You can keep it, that's okay, we'll just go out for dinner before and then you can get your massage." So that's what we are doing! Yay!

I've been eyeballing my little dollhouse kit since it came. I haven't had the energy to open the box yet! I haven't picked my paint out either. It's very important That I get a yellow that is a nice pretty color without being too bright, or too dim, or too tan, or too green.

Today my Stampin Up Order with the ATC Card stamps arrived. Exciting! I will be attending a gathering for scrapbookers this Friday night, so tomorrow I need to pack up all my stuff. My goal is to get 31 ATC's made that night. I have another crop this Saturday at CB's house I believe, so there will be plenty of good time to be crafty. The hardest part is getting enough of my stuff packed. The next hardest part is having everything that I need when I get there. You just can't possibly pack all of your embellishments, fibers, cardstock, patterned paper, etc. It's frustrating. I always want the one little thing or that certain color blue or that fiber that would make the project "just so."

This reminds me that I am ONCE AGAIN out of adhesive and need to go grab some more. I go through adhesive like CRAZY. Why can't they put more on each thing? I swear. I love the Tombo Adhesives (permanent that is) but nowhere around here except Michael's (which isn't around here but 45 minutes away) even carries the damn stuff, or they carry the original but not the refills. WTF? So I buy the 4 pack of the red Duct Tape kind from Wal-Mart, the permanent adhesive, with disposable dispensers. It makes me feel so bad, because I am totally not recycling. But all the other WM brands are CRAPOLA adhesive, or repositionable (AKA: it will fall apart as you are finishing the project) and I just can't take that. The MONO Adhesive is total crap, it gums up all the time and I don't want to spend my quality designated crafty time fucking around with the sticky adhesive dispenser. Right? Plus sometimes the tape breaks and then you have this all screwed up sticky mess and you have to practically throw the damn thing away and you only got to use half or 3/4 of the footage you paid for.

I should design a super inexpensive, refillable, permanent, non gummy adhesive that uses a runner design and includes MORE FOOTAGE! That's right. More Bang for your Buck!

And you know, I know that if I was a proper blogger I would spend the day typing this nice long post and dedicating it to my husband about how much I love him and how wonderful he is and how our relationship is perfect in everyway and how it's a fairy tale and all that crap.

I thought about it.

But really, I would rather say nice things to him than to the internet. And to be honest, our first year of marraige has probably been one of the hardest years we have been together. We have had good times and bad times, and health issues beyond our control, and the stress of trying to make ends meet and get out of debt and pay off loans (especially our WEDDING Loan) and really, it's been a hard year. We have lots to be thankful for. I love him very much. But really, I can say that today I am glad the first year of our marriage is over, because it was a hard one. And I would like to hope that it will be easier in year #2.

Today at work two guys who have been married for 21 and 32 years each, told me that the first year was the hardest. And even though it shouldn't be any different, because we have been together for 10 and living together for 6, it still was. I know it shouldn't be any different, but you just have a different idea of how your husband should act than how your boyfriend should act. Higher standards. Your money finally combines. You have people asking you at every corner "when will you have kids" or "how's married life?" and it's just different. But it's good. and we made it a year. I guess in my mind this doesn't just mark 1 year together, it marks 10.

And while I was walking into work today, I started to think that exactly 1 year ago today I was pissed that the car company we had rented our car from couldn't "find" it and I was upset that my hair wouldn't DO what I wanted it to, but I was happy that my flowers arrived and were beautiful, and that it was so sunny and bright and lovely that day in Vancouver, and that our photographers and our wedding commissioner would be meeting us.

I thought about standing on the beach and taking our vows, and the tide coming in and trapping us so that we had to take a different path back to the seawall. I thought about cutting my toe on a barnacle and taking pictures in the Rose Garden. I thought about Dinner At the Fish House in Stanley Park and about going back to our hotel to change into jeans, and walking hand in hand on the seawall that night, in the dark along the harbor. I thought about sitting on the park bench looking at the stars, my head on the shoulder of my "husband."

I thought of wearing my engagement ring for the first time in weeks, because it had been sent away to the jeweler with the wedding band and they had been sottered together. It was great to wear them both together. (I did wear them on the flight to Vancouver, because I was afraid to pack it anywhere in my luggage in case it got lost or stolen.) I remember how much they shined in the sunlight and exactly how they felt on my hand. I remember calling my mom that night and saying "we're married!" and getting online to email pictures home.

People have been saying to me "I can't believe it's been a year!" and I kinda think that.... except that when I think about how it's been a year since I have had vacation, It makes it painfully obvious that it has been a year.

So today, we celebrate!

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Mon said...

Your pics are really nice, you look cute together!
Isn't that funny that you can be with someone for years but the first year of marriage is still rough? That seems to be the norm. I tell people that when they think 'nothing changes'. For some sure does!

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you remember me at all, but I love your blog! Congrats on your first year of marriage! The first year Beau and I were married was awful. I totally understand what you went through. I won't go into everything, but it culminated in us having to put our 8 month old kitten down (who we adopted soon after our wedding). It was really tough. Just know, it does get a lot better. (Though, living in a one bedroom, we routinely get on each other's nerves.)
Best of luck in the coming years!

pcinaz said...

Wow! A year already! I remember you posting about your wedding plans on the ol' wlpc2 board. That first year of married life is difficult and then things settle down a bit and then get weird again and settle down. Seems to be an up and down roller coaster ride for at least 10 years (that I have gone through so far). Best to you and Evan!

MrsThompson2Be said...

Yeah!!!! I too remember the times of the WLPC board... I was so excited for you through the whole thing... the proposal... the wedding... the house!


(And I'll start my year count down in all of 8 days - I get married next Saturday!)

dazed said...

Hey! I love Comments! Thanks Mon, and to all of you on the WLPC Board (miss you all) and Desiree yes I remember you! LOL. Glad I am not alone! Thanks so much for commenting, I love to know there are people out there reading!! and having opinions!

Karen said...

your pictures ARE pretty. happy anniversary. I order tombow from Viking. yes, it's not as cheap as it used to be, but since it's the only one I use, I order lots at a time- $40 2 or 3 times a year & I don't have to worry about it. ps. I LOVE your wonderwoman theme. I have a WW thing of my own going on- altho not blog wise.

Anonymous said...

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