Friday, August 11, 2006

Noseart, Foxes, Cherries, Sugar Cubes, Surfboards, Stamped Money, Cheerleading Fish, Garter Belts and Guns

Dear Peeps, check out Bitchet. I can't remember if I had her before or if she had me before, but either way, she kicks ass. And since I can't remember, I put in a bid to rent her blog, because I can't remember if I rented from her or her from me. WTF, hey?

Well, this will be short, because tonight I am going to get all artsy and go to a scrapbook night. But instead of working on my scrapbooks I am going to work on ATC's, 28 of them to be exact, and three birthday cards. So. I have plenty to do tonight!

Last night I spent taking a bath (ahhh) and packing up all my scrappin crap, and picking out songs and images. One of the swaps is "your favorite songs" and since I have SOOO Many songs, I had to choose a few here and there that would make good ATC's, and you just HAVE to see these on Flickr when I finish them. I can't wait. Plus there is a random ATC Swap, and I am thinking of doing more songs for those. I have some airplane nose art (pinup girls) and some other sexy stuff, I hope I don't get anyone who is offended by retro girly stuff and things like garter belts and guns.... Hmmm.... what song would that be?? If I do nudity I will keep those cards for myself. Some people are prudish.... no doubt about that. So I have inspiration of everything from cheerleading fish (guesses, anyone?) to sharks to foxes, cherries, sugar cubes, surfboards, and much much more. Can't wait! I even loaded my iPod with all the songs I am going to use so I can listen to them for inspiration while making the cards. Ohhhh Boy!

So I will be out being crafty till after midnight. That's right, I am out with the wrong crowd. Hel-lo Daddy, Hello Mom, I'm your ch ch ch ch ch ch (insert ATC card Title Here!)

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Karen said...

a whole night of crafty business??!! fun ... I've hardly had the creative powers to do anything lately. hope you got lots done.

Karen said...

sorry, does it seem I'm stalking you?? I just saw your book list- I've read alot of those- but I haven't met anyone else that read Childrens Blizzard- you'll have to let me know how you like it. ifyou get that far down your list!!

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