Thursday, August 24, 2006

Clean Prescription Socks.

Bloggers, tell me I am not the only one who blogs in my head. Every single activity that happens in my life is potential blog material. When I get ready in the morning for work, my mind composes my daily blog topics and outlines them in my brain. By time I put my shoes and socks on, I have my blog post structured in my mind.

Except this morning.

My blog post got added to when I put on my shoes and socks. Because I have this habit. I don't like to put socks over dirty feet and I don't like to put dirty bottomed socks inside my shoes. It doesn't bother me so much all day, as it does at the beginning of the day. I may have previously discussed that I have clothes in my closet, and in the laundry room in the basement. My wardrobe is constantly split between two locations. I can not get dressed solely in one room because half of my clothes are downstairs and it is inevitable that one piece of clothing I need will be down there.

When I get out of the shower in the morning, the first thing I think about is the rug. I am OBSESSED with keeping the rug and the bathroom floor clean and clear of hair. Now that my hair is long, I am remembering how much hair you lose when you have that much. So between me shedding and the dogs, it's a nightmare. And for some reason, Hadley especially, thinks that the bathroom rug is his own private place to lay. If I take a bath, they come in and sit there and drink out of the tub. When we are done showering, they are there to lick the sides and edges of the tub. And when you are trying to pee, they are sitting there on the rug watching you, waiting for you to make your next move. But all this accumulates to dog hair in the bathroom. I vacuum once a week and wash and rotate the rug once a week. But by about halfway through the week, I hate stepping out of the tub with wet feet.... because dog hair will stick to wet feet. I have tried drying my feet off before getting OUT but that's just dangerously acrobatic. If I am ever found unconscious and naked in the bathroom, that's exactly what happened. I was trying to keep my damn feet clean.

Another thing is that when you go to the basement, that's some real estate to cover. Office, Dining Room, Kitchen, Basement Stairs, Cement Floor. You are bound to get SOMETHING on your feet. Now I KNOW that I can wear slippers, but first I have to FIND them so that usually doesn't happen. It's more likely that I wear flip flops, but by the time I walk to where the flip flops are, I am bound to pick up dog hair or dirt. I love when the cleaning people come, because all the floors are spotless, for about 3 days. I try to vacuum once a week but I should probably do it twice a week. I am sure I do the bathroom more than once a week.

So in the morning. My funky habit? Before putting on my socks, I brush off my feet. That way if any stray dog hair or dirt got on them, they are clean before I put my socks on. Now granted, that may seem a little OCD... but it's not like Monk, who irons three shoelaces (one is a spare shoelace, to carry with him just in case.)

Anyway. Quirky morning habits aside. Yesterday.... was quite the day. Let's start with my feeling like I have bit off more than I can chew. And my trying to avoid having that feeling and do as little work as possible while still being productive and not overwhelmed. I have lost my HRA card (AGAIN) which my employer gives us to use for prescriptions. We don't have prescription coverage. They give us $600 a year to use towards medical expenses, and it's on this card that looks and works like a credit card. And anyone who takes prescriptions knows that that isn't shit. My one prescription is $105 a month, so that means that they cover less than half of my one prescription, AND that if I was sick and needed anything else, it would be out of pocket. So that really sucks.

Last month, I got to the pharmacy to pick up my prescription, and I realized that my HRA card was MIA and I needed the scrip so I wrote a check. I FAXED the receipts to the HRA company for reimbursement THAT DAY and it took them almost 3 weeks to cut me a check. I called THREE TIMES and was like I NEED MY MONEY! Nothing. So this month, still can't find the card. Time to fill the scrip. So I decide to use the credit card to pay, and then when they reimburse I will just send the cash in to pay on the card. Well, last night I get there to pick up the meds.

She rang me up and it was almost DOUBLE what I had paid last month for the same meds. I was like "I don't mean to complain, but that doesn't seem right." She read off the prescription and it matched. I was insistent that it wasn't right. She got out the bottle and it was twice the size. I said "is that a 30 day supply?" and she said yes. Then when she turned the bottle around, the pills were different, much bigger. I said "Those aren't the same pills. They're bigger. Have they changed the prescription?" She talked with the pharmacist and after some research, and me luckily having 4 of my previous pills left in my purse, they determined that the physician wrote the prescription for an extended release version of my prescription. That's what the prescription said and that's what the bottle said. But the meds inside the bottle didn't match the scrip or the bottle label. They gave me the wrong meds. And I took them for a whole month.

You probably don't remember and I probably didn't really tell you all about the first three days that I took the medicine. I was so freaked out by how gross I felt. Like my heart was alternating between skipping beats and beating so slow that it might actually stop. I was exhausted but I was too scared to sleep. Each night before bed I would cry and make Evan promise to stay with me and check on me in case my heart stopped beating while I was sleeping. So anyway, I did miss some time at work while my body adjusted to the meds. While I was at work, I was so sick I had them check my blood sugar, my blood pressure, and listen to my heart. And it WAS skipping beats. But not enough to be "concerning."

So anyway, all that was because they gave me the wrong meds. But when I called my doctor, all concerned, they said that they had never had anyone with those side effects before. Well THAT Is because they never had anyone on the wrong meds. The Extended release would let the medicine release gradually throughout the day, and not just the instant it dissolved in your system. So that's why I would be so sick and messed up right after my meds kicked in and I would feel better once they wore off a bit.

So they didn't apologize or anything at the pharmacy. That kinda disappointed me. I sorta think that if they screwed up and gave me the wrong meds, they should at least apologize, and perhaps offer to refund me the cost of the incorrect medication or give me my next month for free. Am I too off base with this? I mean I took the wrong meds for a whole month. And I paid them!

So they called the doctor and my insistence and he does want them to get me on the Extended Release. So today I have to go pick up my "new and correct"prescription. And I haven't decided yet if I will ask for a refund, because they honestly aren't offering. And then I think, do they want me there mentioning out loud that they gave me the wrong medicine in front of other customers? Hmm.

And last night when I got home at 8pm I thought "this is EARLY! I have the Whole night in front of me!" and then I spent the next 5 hours balancing checkbooks and entering everything into the computer and reconciling with the bank website and my statements. Whew. What a time consuming process that is. It's enough to make me ALMOST close my own account and just have the joint account. Almost. So today I got out my PDA (sony Clie that is purple metallic) and I am charging it up. I have a cool program on it that is a Pocket version of Quicken, and it syncs with my Quicken at home, which Syncs with the bank's online account manager. So I can have my Quicken with me in my purse, and enter transactions in on the fly, which I later sync with my Quicken on the laptop and it makes it easier on me in the long run. But I got away from that for a while and didn't use my PDA for probably two years... and now I hope to get back to it. But that means I will probably get back to Jawbreaker too. Mmmwwaaahahahaha!

So, that's the end of this long ass post.
:) and I would tag it if I could!

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Michelle said...

You know, pharmacists should definitely be paying better attention than that - those are drugs that could've harmed you! I had something similar happen to me a few weeks back. Sheesh.

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