Thursday, August 10, 2006

A whole Lot of Interesting Shit. Read On.

Last night was nice. We ate at Red Lobster, where I had a Bahama Mama. Captain Morgan Swirled with orange and red, with an orange and a cherry skewered with a lobster sword on the rim of the glass, and meyer's dark rum floating on the top. Yum. Evan said "now you are a pirate, drinking rum." Evan had shrimp and I had a Lobster and Shrimp Ceasar salad. It was nice.

Then we went to the mall. JC Penney's still has their big sales.... and then I went to Ariva for my massage with Tina. Ahhh.

Afterwards we went to Wal-Mart where I got paint for my dollhouse, and adhesive for scrapbooking. And, GET THIS! I got CARDED to buy ADHESIVE! Turns out now you have to be 17 in order to buy scrapbook adhesive! WTF? It's a 4 pack of duck tape brand tape runner adhesive. What in the HELL are they doing with that? Taping each other to chairs? I don't get it! I am sorry Wal-Mart but I think you are going a little over the top. I mean, Spray paint? Paint Thinner? Sudafed? Okay. Vanilla? Probably not. Adhesive? WHAT THE FUCKETY FUCK?!

What is this Stupid world coming to? Wal-Mart, I have to tell you, you aren't god. You just aren't. Give it up with the restricted buying of everyday home products like white-out and vanilla! Are you going to build a room in your store with a beaded curtain and a sign over it that says "adult section" ?!? You censor all your music CD's, you won't sell Vanilla to a minor, and now it's scrapbook adhesive? When will it stop!?

Anyway, besides being ultimately pissed in Wal-Mart about the adhesive, and the ridiculously loud decibel that the self checkout has to announce my product total, "YOUR TOTAL IS $84.97" (does the entire fucking checkout area and the produce section need to know how much my shit cost? What's next, announcing every product I scan? "KY and TAMPONS. BRA SIZE 36D." What. The. Fuck.) We went home.

We perused the toy aisle quite a bit at the mart, and I got a purple and teal "spaghetti ball" (see the picture?) and husband got a lego thingy. We saw lots more of the Pirates action figures (see my Johnny Depp/Cap'n Jack that husband bought me as an anniversary gift?)

So today. It rained. And stormed. THUNDER ~ LIGHTNING ~ The way you love me is frightening..... You'd better knock.... on wood.... BABY! OOOOOhhhhhhhhhh oooh ooh ooooooh ohh.

It woke me up at 7:56am, 4 minutes before my alarm was going to go off. Bastards. It rained. The power went out as I was getting ready for work, and it was out for at least 25 minutes while I was AT work. Exciting!

Tonight, I have no plans. And frankly my dear, I don't give a damn. When we were in school, Angela and I used to both say "After you my dear Alfonz..." and for the life of me I can't remember what that was from. But I still want to say it. And I bet if Angela reads this she will say to me "HOW do you REMEMBER these things?" and she has probably forgotten. SO now I am off to search the internet to see where that phrase came from. hmmm...

And I got a couple new purses on sale at JC Penney.... husband got a t-shirt for $8.99 and new flip flops that are awesome for $9.99 because his blew out and left him stranded. Check out my RED purse. Cool eh? FIFTEEN BUCKAROOS. I already had red boots to match but the heels are too high to wear to work, so I didn't wear them today. I had them on this morning but I took them off after about 10 minutes of walking around home. I bought an orange purse too, stay tuned to see what it looks like later this week or early next week.

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Mon said...

Bahama Mamas=delicious! I had dark rum in my pina colada at a restaurant, I wonder if thats what makes it so yummy? I usually prefer malibu rum.
I hate Wal Mart. But...I also shop there from time to time. Vanilla must get you high. Who knew? I'm having some fun tonight with my spice rack!
Johnny=hotness, but Orlando's my fave. uhhhhh. Don't his legs move on the figure? I saw Orlando on Leno and his figure the legs moved like, he could squeeze someones head off with his thighs. What a way to go, right?

Anonymous said...

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