Monday, August 07, 2006


This could potentially be a long post. I will try to keep it short and informative!

First. I ate terribly all weekend. South Beach Diet- OUT the door (mostly) for the weekend. Firstly, let me blame it on PMS. I wanted FOOD and I wasn't going to stop until I got it. Plus I had spent $40 on a drawdown ticket for the Manlius Historical Society, and then Evan wasn't feeling well, so Mom and Liz (sister) and I went.... so I had to eat $40 of food myself.

They had spaghetti and fried chicken (my new favorite food) and WHITE rolls and homemade desserts. And I ate all of the above and skipped the salad they had. Yum! Then I had 3 sprites (no alcohol for me) and I usually only allow myself one per day. A south beach indulgence. Then Saturday I ate a Wendy's Frescata Sandwich for breakfast at 10am, which has WHITE BREAD.... and then for lunch RAMEN NOODLES! Ohhh! And then for supper we went out to Wise Guys with Brad and Anya and Ava and Ava's uncle Brandon (Anya's brother) and I had fried catfish with steamed veggies (in place of my potato) and TWO Amaretto and Cokes. Mmmmm. Sunday I had Tuna Cheesy Pasta (bad bad bad!) and for supper I had an Oreo McFlurry, and a Turkey Sausage stuffed with Mozarella, Garlic, and Artichokes. Yum. So today, I am aiming for "back on the south beach." and this morning I had my South Beach Breakfast bar, and then I was still hungry (duh) so I had cheesy potato rounds (from Casey's) which are another favorite of mine.

Before Friday (and all this food) I had gained 3 pounds of what was certainly the usual PMS water weight and by Monday, (even with all this crap I ate all weekend) I had lost those 3.5 pounds plus one more pound, so now I actually weight 1 pound less than I did BEFORE I ate all that. LOL.

Oh and I forgot that I are 6 oreo cookies too. For dessert, naturally.

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