Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sunday Sucks

It's 1:22 pm. I have woke my husband up 954 times since 11am and he is STILL asleep. As a matter of fact we first woke up at 6:30am. And he is STILL asleep. I hate him sleeping. He sleeps all the time. It makes me so pissed!

I vacuumed. I loaded the dishwasher and it's running. I am doing laundry. I stripped the spare bed. I scanned and uploaded all my ATC's that I have made recently and then I uploaded and labeled all my photos that we took at Jessica's wedding reception last night, and THEN I sent them to Wal-Mart for 1 hour prints. It is BEAUTIFUL outside. We could be golfing. Fishing. Working in the yard. But no. Evan sleeps. Still.

I have done NOTHING this entire weekend. I have so much to accomplish, yet none of it is getting done. My motivation is seriously affected by having Evan in bed all day. It makes me so mad that I should be running around doing things while he sleeps. The yard needs to be mowed and the bushes have needed trimmed since JUNE and they are so tall. The weeds have overgrown everything. And he lays in bed.

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Zeus said...

Are you sure Evan is not part feline? He sounds a lot like me!

Michelle said...

Thats crappy - hope your Monday off goes better!

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