Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Educationally Speaking...

Since no one is really reading..... or commenting.... I have been kinda slacking. It's been so hot here, 115 heat index... that mostly we have all been hanging out in the AC, in our pajamas or scantily clad whenever possible, as the AC is having a hard time keeping up. Ceiling fans whir lazily overhead, shades and curtains drawn, dogs snoozing on the floor contendedly. That's my life the past few days.
Last night we had a fabulous dinner. It was sooo hot, we finally shucked the two dozen ears of sweet corn that we got from a co-worker of mine. It was DELICIOUS. We picked the few red tomatoes we had in the garden, since the vines collapsed under their own weight and some high winds during a couple of nasty thunderstorms. Cut some chives and made some chive butter that we brushed over our sweet corn on the grill, and husband made cheeseburgers, and on mine he put provolone and colby jack cheese. Yum! I ate them with freshly sliced tomatoes from the garden.

This morning I had a thought. My new brain waves recently, besides Altered Trading Cards and a sudden urge to build my own dollhouse, is history. I love books that are historical fiction, like the Memoirs of Helen of Troy, The DaVinci Code, and The Linnet Bird. I am currently trying to read The Widow of the South but I am not "into" it very well. I loved History in High School. It amazes me how little the average person knows about History and Historical Persons. One of my upcoming Altered Trading Card projects is themed "woman" and one of my trading cards will be themed for Marie Curie. How much does the average person know about Marie Curie? It amazes me that there are practically an infinate amount of historical places, events, and people of whom I can learn more. Suddenly, my life seems so very very short!

A recent swapbot letter swap led me to discover that King Tut's tomb is being exhibited in Chicago this summer/fall and I didn't even know it. Talk about a once in a lifetime chance to learn and see a piece of history! There are so many books I need to read, so much research to be done, and so very little time! I feel like I should spend the rest of my life doing history papers and writing essay questions. I always loved history class. I am trying to remember what I wrote papers on when I was in School? I almost always got A's.... I remember Mt. Vesuvius. And I think something about Napolean. But that's all I have retained?

While putting on my makeup this morning, I was thinking that if I were rich, I would send myself to college every single day. I would learn something new about history every single day. I would see every museum exhibit. I would red every book I could lay my hands on. I would research the internet all day. Learn Learn Learn. I would travel to Greece and Rome. France and Brazil. Russia and China. Learn Learn Learn. Experience.

You know, I always thought about what I would do if I won the lottery. I always thought, get a new car, build a big farmouse with a barn out in the country, have lots of animals. Pay off debts. Invest so I could live off the money forever. But I never really thought beyond that. I thought I would probably still work, but likely part time. But I never really thought what I could do with that money. What I could really do for myself. And now I realize that learning would be the perfect use of lottery money. Travel. Reading. Education. Studious Endeavors. I would be the oldest college student ever. I would take Art History and see the Louvre. I would paint still lifes in Tuscany. I would make wine with grapes I grew myself. Tortellini and Bread. I would go to Egypt and see the pyramids, to the rainforests... to Alaska. Hawaii. Africa. I would see and learn and experience everything I could. And if it were possible.... I would take my family with me.

What would you do with infinite funds and limitless time?

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