Friday, August 25, 2006

Can't wait to get to Morman Country.

Another thing about Blogger Beta.... Flickr doesn't work with Blogger Beta. I discovered yesterday when I tried to post the beach picture that the "Blog this" button on Flickr won't work with Beta and they responded that they don't support Blogger Beta.

I guess I will live.

Last night I spent 4 hours and 15 minutes doing javascript coding on one webpage. I was at work, so it was at least paid time... but WHOA it kept screwing up and I would have to go back to the code and fix it again. I had 18 hand coded collapsible lists. Like the ones on my sidebar. But since I was not using CSS, I was having a helluva time getting the font formatting correct, and all that jazz. Eventually, with a lil peek at the code by a better coder, we determined what was wrong. I need to get me some javascript AND some php training badly. So many languages, so little time. I did successfully get a php submitted form working yesterday also.... but it becomes more and more evident that I need more training. For all the things that I want to do, good 'ol HTML and Dreamweaver or Flash just won't cut it. so. php and javascript, here I come. I also need to get Access Training. I once learned a bit about connecting websites to databases, but there were a few pieces that I wasn't taught. I need to get some formal training in Access first, I have had Crystal training and I use Access on a weekly basis, but I don't do much designing or write any of my own queries. So I still have so much to learn. Not to mention how much I would love MySQL, but considering php is free, that's probably the way to go.

Now that I have confused and bored you all...

The Bureau County Fair is this week, and we were planning on going over tonight for some fair food, but It's raining and I am not all sure that it will clear up. It's supposed to rain tomorrow too. This weekend I have ATC's to finish and Tomatoes to Can and Peppers to slice. We are also going to go to Jackson's on Saturday, which I am excited about... I plan to raid his garden :)

I also need to get the house ready for cleaning people and I need to FINALLY make my lists for what to pack for vacation, get my luggage out of the attic, get laundry done, and set aside what I intend to take with me to wear. I need to load up my iPod accordingly for the flight, and sync my PDA with the Quicken account so I can monitor bank balances while I am gone. You know, it would be cool if my PDA was wireless. But that would just cost more moneys. I might as well just use my laptop.

I haven't decided if I am going to take my laptop with me. It makes sense but Carrie doesn't have a wireless network that I am aware of, so I wouldn't be able to get on the internet. But I WOULD be able to dump my pictures on it if I wanted to... although I could just empty my jump drive and empty it onto that. Although with two cards and 768 mb of space, I probably won't even need to do that. I planned on taking my messenger bag as my "personal item" and my laptop will fit nicely in there, along with my pda, camera, cell phone, wallet, keys, etc. I am thinking about taking my scarf that I am crocheting and my iPod for the flight... so really I could put my laptop in my carryon, but of course it would have to be removed for the security check, so maybe just in the front pocket. But then part of me is like "will you really need it?" Carrie has a computer, and internet, and I would like to travel lightly (although my tiny slim laptop weighs less than 4 pounds and is 1 inch thick.). I would prefer to take shoes versus my laptop :)

So that's it in a nutshell. Oh and we watched "Birth" last night with Nicole Kidman. It got 3 stars so I thought "might be interesting" but I remember seeing the trailer for it a while back and thinking it was a little too creepy pedophile-ish.... and it definately proved to have some creepy and somewhat inappropriate parts.... but the moral of the story? We didn't get it. There was like "no ending" in that *We are so weird that it's edgy and cool* kind of movie way and husband and I were both like "That was so stupid! What was the POINT of that movie? Where is the END?" So really, it was a royal waste of time. If I had paid money for it, I would have been pissed. Kinda like the ONLY time I have walked out of a theater, for the movie Congo. It sucked so bad we couldn't even watch the first 30 minutes.

Anyway, have a great weekend, not sure if you will hear from me, unless I have pics for Flickr!


Michelle said...

cool pics but where are you??

dazed said...

behind the camera, as usual!

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