Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Just waiting for Thursday.....

  • Grey's Anatomy
  • The O.C.
  • Men In Trees
  • It's My Friday
  • Because I want to
  • I can pay for all my eBay auctions because Friday is PAYDAY!
  • I can afford to buy Conditioner again, and I have been DYING without it for 4 days.

If I were to say I got alot done last night, it would be a lie. But I am okay with that.
I did get a lot done today though. I took down my Christmas Tree and Decorations at work, and rearranged to put my plants back where they originally were. I didn't kill my plants at work. Tonight I had Chicken Nuggets and French Fries from McDonald's. Delicious AND Nutritious. I have been wanting Chicken Nuggets since Sunday when I started to see those damn commercials with the 6-piece McNuggets on the Dollar Menu. They weren't so fabulous. I just have to say, remember when they first started that whole "white meat chicken" campaign a couple or so years back? They were GOOD then. Tonight, not nearly so good. But I ate 8. Craving Satisfied.

What else is new? Same 'Ol. I have a short week this week, which is nice... off on Friday for a flurry of Dr. Appointments (routine stuff, eye checkups, etc) and we are supposed to be celebrating the MIL's birthday at the Kaiserhof in Bradford on Friday night! I can't wait for that. Yum!!! German Potato Salad. Hot Mustard. Mmmm! I really hope that my mom and dad can join us too! Last time I had the smoked Ham Shank.

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Jackson said...

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